5 Things to Know About Renovating an Older Home

Every day, I spend a little time staring in awe at the old houses and “fixer-uppers” for sale online. My dream house has always been a massive Victorian with turrets and intricate trims, and vivid colors. While I love to dream about restoring an old home--I have not yet found the one that I am ready to make my own! It is a big responsibility, both financially and historically, to take on a large-scale, old home renovation! What are some things to consider when planning to renovate an older home?


Have All Suggested Inspection Performed Before Buying! Unless you are an expert in all aspects of home repair--this is not the time for a do-it-yourself walkthrough assessment. Choose a licensed home inspector and certified engineers to ensure that the home is structurally sound--and to give you the ins and outs of the tasks you can expect as you begin to renovate an older house. You will pay a bit for these inspections--but, they will certainly help you identify the home’s needs and ensure that your budget will allow for necessary work and repairs.

Leave the Hazardous Materials to the Professionals. The presence of lead paint, asbestos siding, or mold from water damage are some of the common discoveries that folks find when beginning to renovate an old house. Have a home inspection done so that you know what you are dealing with--and be prepared to hire professionals to tackle the cleanup and removal of hazardous items so that it is done safely and correctly.

Original Wood and Cool Windows Draw Buyers In--But May Need to be Repaired or Replaced. I am a sucker for the old windows and wood floors and woodwork present in old homes. Unfortunately, even though they hold up better than many of our modern products, time and wear and tear take a toll on these items. You may find yourself needing to repair or even replace these timeless treasures from damaged molding to termite ridden floors and drafty window panes. Find a dependable flooring contractor or someone able to repair those old windows without needing to replace them.

Bathrooms and Kitchens Will Needed A Lot of Attention. Bringing kitchens and bathrooms on older homes up to code will require a lot of your time, effort, attention--and money! Do your research and contact dependable contractors like MaxHome to help you find and install products as you create your new kitchen and bath space. One good investment is an efficient macerating upflush toilet. This bathroom fixture can be easier and much less costly to install. The discharge tank connects to your home’s drain line via extension pipes, eliminating the need to break the ground for drainage, thus making upflush toilets more cost-effective to install.

Home Renovations are Time Consuming.
Even simple repairs and remodels have ways of taking on lives of their own! So many times, homeowners discover the unexpected as they begin to peel back years of layers of peeling paint, wallpaper, carpet, and old DIY fixes! Sometimes these unexpected finds are treasures--but often they lead to unexpected delays and expenses as new repairs or installations become necessary! Sometimes, you can live in your home while you renovate--other times, you will need to find or maintain alternative housing while your “new” old house is being all fixed up!

These are just a few of the things to consider as you plan to make an old-house purchase and renovation! Buying and restoring an older house is quite an investment and an experience--so, the more that you know, the more prepared you will be for the adventure!

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