Looking after your gardening tools and equipment

Keeping your garden looking nice is rewarding. There is no greater feeling than sitting outside in the summer enjoying a meal, knowing that you played a big role in creating your beautiful surroundings. But it is hard work too, especially if you do everything by hand. 


That is why most experienced gardeners are not afraid to invest in tools and equipment to get the job done. They also understand the wisdom of looking after them well, which is what this article is all about.

Repair before it breaks

Every year, at the end of each season, experienced gardeners check over their equipment and carry out any repairs they think need doing. They go online to find MTD power equipment parts, for example, and then order what they need to ensure their appliances are all in working order. They also go online, if necessary, to learn how to carry out the fix - YouTube is a great resource when it comes to DIY. Most gardeners don’t wait until something breaks. They rely on their tools to get the job done, so they must think ahead. If their hedge trimmer is vibrating and making lots of noise they will find out why and sort out the underlying issue before it breaks.

Clean them after every time you use them

Each time they use their tools, they clean them before putting them away. This helps to keep them in good condition and ensures that they are always ready for use when they need them.

Properly maintain your tools and equipment

Cleaning your tools before you put them away is an important part of maintaining them. As is regularly checking the oil and applying grease to any of the parts that require it. Getting into the habit of checking the oil before you put things away means you never have to strip down and repair a seized lawnmower engine.

Sharpen frequently

Taking the time to clean and sharpen the blades on any cutting implements you use is wise too. Sharpening is a satisfying job, which, once you get good at it, does not take long. Using properly sharpened tools enables you to do a better job and get things done that little bit quicker.

Your plants will also grow better. A hedge that has been cut cleanly will look much nicer than one that has been cut with a trimmer that rips rather than cuts. Ripping the stem or branches of plants distresses them, which retards growth. As well as leaves them more prone to fungal infections.

This article shows you how to sharpen the blades of all kinds of gardening tools.

Stow your tools and equipment properly

Lastly, create a proper place to store your gardening equipment. Leaving everything in a jumbled pile in the corner of your shed will make it hard for you to find everything. It will also lead to damage; it is all too easy for blades to get chipped and buttons to be knocked off.

Provided you follow the above advice your tools will always be ready for use and able to do a good job. That will make life easier for you and help you to create and maintain a stunning garden.

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