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I keep saying it--but, the past year has just been so challenging for children and families with so many ups and downs! I love sharing children's books. The girls and I spent hours each week choosing massive stacks of books from our local library and reading them many times a day in our "reading chair". Today, I have a children's book from author Laurie Wright. Learn about I Can Handle It! from Wright's Mindful Mantras series, read my thoughts on the book--and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post! 


Book TitleI Can Handle It! (Mindful Mantras) by Laurie Wright
CategoryChildren's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  32 pages
GenreChildren's Picture Book
PublisherLaurie Wright
Release date:   August 2016
Content Rating:  G. This children's book is for everyone.
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About the Book

Your child will incorporate the idea of 'I Can Handle It' almost immediately after reading this book, even in our current uncertain times. After reading this book, they will have great ideas for how to ‘handle’ tough situations! When they are tired of having to stay home, they will think 'I can handle it'! When they are missing their friends, they will think 'I can handle it'! When they are feeling worried about the future, they will think 'I can handle it'! Even if they aren't saying the words out loud, this mantra will become a part of their self-talk. Over 300 5-star reviews say so! Positive self-talk is vital for improving and maintaining strong mental health which is exactly what the world needs right now. Help your child feel emotionally strong along with Sebastien, and provide a tool to help them get through these challenging times. And because parents have such a difficult and important job, this book includes updated free resources.


My Review


I Can Handle It! Offers a Wonderful Opportunity to Discuss Choices in Coping with Frustrations. The author presents many common frustrations that children face, from boredom to little sibling irritations. When you first read through her character's brainstormed solutions--you will find an assortment of solutions on each page. Some terrible ideas are presented--along with some more reasonable possibilities as well. While I am not sure that most young children would benefit from this book without some adult guidance and conversation--I can say that the book is a simple, much-needed introduction to coping with emotions and decision making. 


I Can Handle It! is Easy to Read and Relatable. I would love to say that no child should ever feel that crying herself to sleep is her only option when sad at bedtime--but the reality is: many do because they do not yet know how to do something more positive. I don't think my daughter really ever wanted to turn her little sister into a puppy when she was bored--but I do expect the fantasy thought crossed her mind a few times! The book is short, easy to read with realistic challenges that kids face--and many options for them to consider (and weigh with a caregiver, teacher, or parent).


Would I Recommend I Can Handle It! by Laurie Wright? This book may be a short, little children's book that you can read with your child in just a few minutes--but it offers a lot more in terms of teaching valuable life lessons. If you actually sit down and discuss the content as you read the pages and spend time discussing Sebastian's thoughts and ideas as he tries to cope with his everyday challenges--you will likely be able to revisit this book again and again as your child grows and develops. I liked that the author presented silly coping choices--and some darker ones--because it offers families many opportunities to discuss decision-making and positive thinking. I have not seen other books from this series yet--but, I am interested in checking them out. I don't think I would recommend this as a read-alone book for little ones because I think the book's real value is to help children learn to weed out the bad decisions in favor of more positive ones. I would recommend it to parents, caregivers or teachers seeking to open some doors with children learning to cope with daily life's ups and downs.


I think that every child needs to have more of the I Can Do It! confidence level, but he needs to know that "I" can also include a supportive adult to help them work through difficult emotions!

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Meet the Author

Children's author and book marketing coach, Laurie Wright is a silly but smart, busy mom of three who laughs at her own jokes just a bit too much. The minivan is her sanctuary, and the only place she can sing out loud without being shushed. She’s known for her short term memory and extreme love of chips and dip. Usually on her best behavior, watch out when her filter wears off! Never without her laptop and a notebook. Trust her with your kids and your books, but not your coffee!

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