Life After Cancer: Self-help Tips to Deal With Cancer

Cancer is a terrible and devastating disease. It can come without warning and can leave you physically and emotionally damaged. The mental and emotional strain this puts on you is immense.

This is sometimes more difficult to deal with than the side effects of the chemo. But there is always hope. No matter what cancer diagnosis you or your loved one received. Is there a chance it comes back, of course, but you can't let this fear run your life? You fought hard to keep that life; now it's time to enjoy living it again. After you get through the oncology appointments and treatment, you are often left with the fear of it returning. This feeling probably never leaves you completely, but there are ways to help with the emotional roller coaster you are left with after you have completed the physical recovery.

There are numerous things you can do to help with this.

Stay Away from Negative Media:

The first recommendation is not to watch too much media, either on television or online. Media outlets are predominantly negative, and you don't need negativity. This might not sound like it has anything to do with cancer, and directly it doesn't. However, you need a positive mindset and watching depressing news reports does not help keep you in this positive state. So much of this is mental. There are obviously physical struggles that come with cancer and cancer treatment. Staying positive is much easier when you're not inundated with negative news reports.

Keep Contact with Friends:

Another important thing to keep in mind post-cancer is the importance of staying in touch with people. You will realise who your true supporters are. You will learn that people are far more caring and compassionate than you might give them credit for. Appreciate the texts, calls, emails, letters, gifts, and visits. You have to reciprocate this kindness, though. It goes both ways. Be sure to check in with people who aren't feeling well themselves. They will appreciate this kindness, as well. Knowing people are in your corner will help give you the motivation to keep on fighting.

Eat Healthily:

Odds are your diet had nothing to do with your cancer. It also won't have much impact on whether you stay in remission or not. Eating healthier does help with your overall wellbeing. A healthy diet correlates with how you feel overall. After feeling sick for an extended period of time, feeling overall body health is a welcomed change. A good & healthy diet can make a big difference with this.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself:

Take time for yourself. Do something relaxing you enjoy. You have been through a lot and deserve this. Read, write, do yoga, paint, anything you find enjoyable that will also help keep you in a positive mood and will occupy your mind, so the thoughts of cancer don't. Get obsessed with a new series and binge watch it. Mindless pleasers like online videos are also a great distraction. Make yourself smile and laugh every day.

Get Some Exercise:

Exercise and sleep are two other things that will support your overall health. The lack of these didn't contribute to your cancer, but your body definitely needs rest. Exercise isn't going to keep you in remission, but it will give your mind another distraction and help with your self-confidence. Like eating better, exercise and sleep are very important for your body and mind. You are taking care of both with these actions. 

Open up to a Professional:

The sixth and final suggestion is not to be afraid to speak with a professional. You have been through a lot, and there is no shame in needing an outlet for your feelings. Men, this goes for you too. Speaking to a counselor or psychiatrist is not a sign of weakness. You might even find yourself telling this person about issues unrelated to your cancer. You might need to get things off your chest. These professionals can help talk you through the mental struggles you might be having.

There is nothing enjoyable about the experience. There are merits that can come from it, though. You can learn a new perspective on life. It can motivate you to be a better person or to work toward self-improvement. You will never care about people more than when you have had and beaten cancer. You will look at your loved ones with more patience and understanding than you ever have. You will realise how much you need them and they will do the same for you. Cancer is awful, but there is hope. You can recover & move on with your life putting cancer in the rearview mirror forever.

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