Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Meet Louise

When we lost my mother-in-law to an unexpected illness in October--we gained one of her semi-stray cats that she had cared for over many years.  Miss Louise was kept strictly outdoors--we were told.  But, given how well she has adapted to the life of a house cat--I am expecting she was allowed inside more than we knew!  I wanted to share some pictures of Louise and introduce everyone to our latest addition to the family!  Meet Miss Louise--and share your own Wordless Wednesday (or not so wordless) posts in the link-up at the end of this post!


 Meet Louise

She loves to watch the birds and squirrels in the tree outside the window.  She seems to like to look outside--but, doesn't have any interest in going outside.  

We are not sure why--but, her "resting" face is often in "tongue-out" position. 

Miss Louise spends much of her day and every night with Madelyn, my youngest daughter.  Louise is not pleased during the couple of days a week when Madelyn actually leaves to go to school! She follows her around the house and expects constant conversation and attention.  Madelyn's bed is Louise's safe spot--and Madelyn is the only one of us allowed to pick her up or hold her. 

School via zoom classes makes Louise happy.  Madelyn is trapped in her room with her all day--and Louise can keep her within paw reach! 

For a life-long "stray"--Miss Louise does seem to like fluffy blankets and pillows!


Now--it is your turn to share you latest Wordless Wednesday posts--or even not-so-wordless posts with photos of your latest favorite finds! 

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