5 Things to Know When Switching to Natural Beauty Products

As we become more and more aware of the health and wellness risks associated with the chemicals we encounter in our food, products we use, and the environment, many opt to make changes in our lifestyle. There has been an enormous shift away from chemical-laden and processed foods toward more natural alternatives. If you consider making the switch from traditional beauty and skincare products to natural ones, remember some essential things. Here are five things to know when switching to natural beauty products from traditional ones.

Take your time--and be patient with the natural product transition process. Making the switch to natural products from the products you (and your skin) have grown to love over the years will require a bit of patience at first! Just like detoxing your body from processed food or sugar takes time and may cause some initial side effects--detoxing your skin from harsh, chemical-laden beauty supplies may present some undesirable effects as well! You may experience some redness and sensitivity or even breakouts as your skin rids itself of toxins and rebalances its natural chemistry and composition. Unfortunately--this rebalancing may not happen as quickly as you may wish! Sometimes, breakouts and oil imbalances take a couple of weeks to even out--but, like any lifestyle change--it’s essential to stay the course and keep your goal of ridding your beauty supplies of some of the harsh products that you once loved.

You Still Need to Read the Labels of Natural Products--and Understand How They Work. Natural means that you will find the ingredients in nature. If you have problems with allergies or specific products like nuts, honey, pollen, etc., you need to make sure that those products are not in the composition of the natural product you are ready to use! Always try to test a new product on a small area for signs of sensitivity before using it on larger areas of the body or the face. Additionally, there is a slight learning curve for some products that you may want to try. While there are tons of products available to add to your beauty routine with loads of benefits and rewards--take some time to research the products and learn if they need additional products to help them absorb easier into the skin or perform their magic. Seek out resources like Amanda Jo, Organic Bunny, or online natural product reviewers as you learn.

Expect to Re-Learn your Skin. Most of us adopted our parents' or grandparents' products--and adapted to tweak our beauty routine over many years. All of those years of chemical use and simple changes to our body as it ages may introduce us to a skin that we have never before met! Like choosing favorites and better products from traditional beauty products to create a personalized skincare routine--we will need to do the same with natural products. Different brands and formulations will bring different results. Various combinations of natural products will also create other effects. The initial detox phase takes some time--and the re-learning about your skin and finding a happy balance of natural products takes time too.

Natural Products Will Probably Not be Laboratory Free. The natural and organic beauty industries are growing by leaps and bounds! The chemistry and science behind these products are generally researched, tested, and processed in a lab, but that doesn’t exactly make the products “unnatural.”

Price Tags and Shelf Lives of Natural Products May Bring Surprises. It is probably not a surprise that natural and organic products bring a higher price than the traditional products found on your local drug-store shelves. With research and product comparison, you can find a natural beauty product to suit your needs and budget. However, keep in mind that you probably won’t want to buy natural beauty products in bulk since a natural product’s shelf life is generally much shorter than the synthetic products you are used to stocking up!

Switching to natural beauty products certainly proves to be a healthier, environmentally friendlier option to old-school products. Just remember, it is a lifestyle change, and, like any other lifestyle change, it will take some time to learn the ins and outs and find your new favorite beauty products!

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