Take Note of These 8 Travel Trends for 2021 and Beyond

The ongoing global pandemic has changed the many aspects of people's lives, including how they travel. Innovation within the tourism sector will accelerate to respond and adapt to changes in travel behaviors, needs, expectations and trends. 

This 2021, many trends that began with the pandemic will last for many years to come. You can expect travel to keep its route toward convenience and safety.


If you're looking to explore parts of the world this year, take note of these travel trends:


Co-Living for Solo Travelers

Although exploring on your own isn't exactly a new trend in the travel world, many solo travelers are looking to save time and money while meeting new people and branching out of their comfort zone.


Unlike traditional hostels and Airbnbs, co-living arrangements enable you to meet up with like-minded travelers. You'll have the opportunity to share more permanent living spaces along with travel knowledge and experiences. Co-living is more suitable for people who prefer to travel on their time without having to pay an overnight stay constantly or lease something out.


Embracing Simple Pleasures

As individuals learn to live with the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic for 2021 and beyond, they'll be keen on embracing a stripped-back way of experiencing the world around them. This involves enjoying simple pleasure-related activities, such as going on a hike, relaxing in the great outdoors and taking pictures of wildlife. Expect more people to seek out more rural and off-the-beaten-path experiences.


Pleasure Flights

Some travelers are aerophiles. Simply being on the plane while contemplating the clouds on the window seat is something to miss during the ongoing pandemic. Some airlines are realizing that instead of allowing the aircraft to just stay idle on the ground, they could operate flights to nowhere.


The trend for "pleasure flights" began in the Asia-Pacific region during summer. Carriers, such as Qantas, EVA Air and ANA started welcoming people aboard sightseeing flights.


Australia's Qantas invited travelers on a short journey from Sydney, which consisted of low-level fly-bys of Byron Bay, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. EVA Air passengers traveled in a Hello Kitty-themed flight from Taipei. Flight attendants served travelers food prepared by Motokazu Nakamura, a renowned three-Michelin-star chef.


Disney Travel

2021 may be a great year for Disney. The company is constantly churning out new additions to their theme parks. Aspiring visitors can look forward to key park additions, such as a new light show and parade, Marvel Land (an Avengers campus), the resort opening of Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, Tron-themed roller coasters and Cirque Du Soleil.


What's more, Disney is doing more the way of custom passes, dinner options, resort rooms with specialized themes and custom family visits. You can expect the crowds in these theme parks to grow even more this year and beyond. 


Sprint Bookings

Although many travel companies provide flexible booking policies, some travelers prefer making last-minute reservations and jetting off a few days after booking. As lockdowns and border restrictions come and go, you could expect international travelers to be more responsive to windows of opportunity to fly overseas. Everyone can expect 2021 to become much more spontaneous.


The Rise of "Workation"

Remote working has become mainstream during the pandemic and is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Instead of working in an office for five days a week, employers can extend their vacation or holiday experience in new locations by staying an extra week or two to work remotely. Expect laptops and smartphones to become a mainstay in luggage.


Hotels and travel platforms looking to draw this new wave of digital nomads can showcase their fast Wi-Fi and home office facilities. Likewise, the world of business travel will see a rising demand for longer stays, cleanliness and privacy for those flying for business purposes.


Heightened Travel Safety

Travelers will be more cautious when they go on a vacation. Hotel establishments, tour providers, travel associations and governments will need to come together to establish consistent standards to help keep tourists safe.


Also, some businesses and destinations will have to work hard to regain the trust of visitors. Many travelers will only book a particular hotel or accommodation when they see that the establishment has hygiene and health policies in place.


Traveler Diversity

Expect multicultural travelers to become common in destinations all across the globe. Don't be surprised if you notice an uptick in tourists from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa or other unusual countries for your destination. Businesses should be ready to embrace different cultures. If necessary, they should adapt their product and service offerings to make their new customers feel right at home. 


Travel will never be the same again. Travelers looking to cope with the changes in the industry should take note of these trends.


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