Does Grandma Remember Me? Children's Book Review

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This morning, I have a children's book to share with our readers!  Check out Does Grandma Remember Me?, learn about author Evita Sherman, and read my review of the book!


Book TitleDoes Grandma Remember Me? by Evita Sherman
CategoryChildren's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
Genre:  Children's Picture Book
PublisherMascot Books
Release date:   Feb, 2021
Format available:  hardback
Content Rating:  G for everyone.

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About the Book

It is always challenging to watch a loved one grow older and face new, confusing obstacles that always seemed easy. Does Grandma Remember Me? shows how love transcends age and difficulties, even when things become overwhelming.


My Review

Does Grandma Remember Me? Helps Families with a Difficult Subject. Dementia in older family members is difficult for little ones to understand when the illness impacts their interactions with loved ones. As the author illustrates the little girl's feelings and experiences with her grandmother and her dementia symptoms, she does a beautiful job creating simple pages and explanations about a very complex and challenging subject. Does Grandma Remember Me? is the perfect book to begin, or add to, a family discussion concerning dementia affecting a loved one.  


The Author and Illustrator Combine Well To Help Children Understand the Emotions Involved in this Real-World Story. While readers will read the words that explain the story--they will also "read" the emotions illustrated through the pictures. Coping with dementia in a loved one brings several emotional ups and downs--sometimes within minutes. The book offers the perfect opportunity to discuss emotions--and the reasons that a loved one may seem irritable or sad or angry or simply "not herself."


Would I Recommend Does Grandma Remember Me? Learning to navigate the emotions of life with a loved one with dementia is difficult for adults--so it is certainly challenging for young children. I loved the author's message to children in this book! It is difficult to "lose" the familiar relationships we once had with an ailing family member--but loving them now is so essential as well. I think this is the perfect book to open those difficult discussions about life, patience, compassion, and love.

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Meet the Author

Evita's passion is assisting the elderly, especially those living with dementia. Her mission is to help people age in the manner they envision for themselves and not through the lens of others. She works to provide data and resources to assist elders in effectively aging-in-place and equips their families and friends to support their loved ones amidst uncertainty. Working in the elder care field as a licensed nursing home administrator, senior living marketing professional, and Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), Evita witnesses both elders and families make tough decisions. Some of those decisions result in despair, while others result in healing. The key to enabling elders to live life to its fullest is to help them find their voices and exercise their right to choose.

Evita collaborates with family and friends to ensure that her mother, who lives with dementia, and her father, recently diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, maintain their voices and make well-informed choices as their disease progresses.

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