5 Skin Care Tips For Moms

Motherhood is challenging, frustrating, and joyful, and it’s often everything at once. Many mothers, especially first-time mothers, tend to be busy and over stressed, which means their personal needs take second place in favor of raising a newborn. 

Skincare is an important habit, often more important than makeup because it nourishes your skin and treats it from potential imperfections. However, when you’re a busy mom, finding time for a skincare routine can be tricky. So for that reason, here are some simple and straightforward skincare tips for all moms out there.

1. Invest in a routine that suits you

If you’re thinking about investing more effort in skincare, then you’ve probably seen countless tips already, and many of them are downright ridiculous. Twelve-step routines, even though beneficial, aren’t the best solution for new mothers. Therefore, rather than despair for not being able to do it, it’s better to invest effort in a routine that will actually suit your current lifestyle. Once you determine what it is, try showing up regularly and being consistent about it.

2. Modify the routine to nourish your skin 

A basic skincare routine requires only two steps: cleansing and moisturizing. Everything else is completely optional unless you have concrete skin problems that require more targeted treatments. Hence, in case you feel too busy or tired to have a complicated routine, then fear not: it’s perfectly fine to modify the routine in order to nourish and protect your skin. Also, your routine doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive in order to work for you.

3. Find products that work for you

Choosing the right products is crucial if you want to have healthy skin. Sometimes, that can be a bit tricky, since there are so many brands and products on the market. That’s why you should always do your research before buying a new product. Learning to read the ingredients and shopping from ethical brands is always the surest way to get quality-made products. Also, if you prefer natural and effective products, then try these herbal body moisturizers because skincare isn’t only about your face, it’s about the whole body. Using the best products you can get will help you achieve blemish-free and soft skin at all times.

4. Don’t be afraid to get some extra help 

In case your skincare efforts aren’t producing any substantial results, maybe it’s time to ask for some extra help. You can visit a dermatologist, or a facialist in order to receive the proper treatment for your skin problems. Getting some professional help is normal, and you should never treat it any differently. Just because you’re taking care of your kids doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to work on yourself. Parents also deserve to grow and work on their self-esteem, in order to be better for their kids.

5. Make sure you’re healthy 

Pregnancy and giving birth can be traumatizing, so in case you notice any skin changes during and after the pregnancy, it might due to imbalanced hormones. Therefore, in case you have stubborn acne or other skin issues, it’s important to make sure there are no underlying health problems that cause them. Aside from that, make sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle: eating the right diet, exercising, and staying hydrated are super important if you want to have clear-looking skin. However, make sure to modify these habits, so you’ll be able to be consistent and disciplined about them.


Parenthood can be busy and emotional, but that doesn’t mean that you as a mom should neglect yourself in order to raise your family. Taking care of your skin should be your priority, especially if your current skin condition is a source of frustration and low self-esteem. Remember that you deserve the best things in life, so be sure to treat yourself that way.

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