Things First Time Moms Should Prepare Before Labor

Being a first-time mom is overwhelming. There is this excitement in meeting that bundle of joy soon. Then there's this brooding feeling with all the responsibilities in becoming a mother. And, lastly, the anxiety in considering what things to prepare before the baby comes out, the certain things that need to be done while in the waiting game and a lot more.

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These excited soon-to-be moms can be a little extra when it comes to the preparation of their little one’s arrival. Who wouldn’t? Of course, there are the common ‘what ifs’, ‘what should’, ‘hows’ always present in a first timer’s mind.

Aside from baby things and supplies– like their bibs, cribs, milk bottles, pacifiers, baby clothes, baby wipes and many more, first time moms should prepare their home for the baby.

As a First-Time Mom, What Do You Have to Prepare?

The environment that the baby lives in plays a great deal in their holistic health and growth. It is by preparing one's house for the baby that moms ensure to avoid any negative impact on their general health.

Babies are small, fragile and sensitive. Moreover, almost everything can hurt them or have an undesirable effect on their immune system or their health in general in this delicate time. This is why first time moms must ensure the baby's room and the house that the baby will live in is clean and safe for the baby.

Thorough deep house cleaning is suggested be done before bringing a baby home so that the house's deep dirt and grime would be removed. It is a systematic, detailed and intensive way of cleaning a house. It goes beyond traditional cleaning routines to eliminate unwanted germs or bacteria that have settled in every corner of each room over time. It covers areas that aren't usually cleaned during regular or routine cleaning.

Doing deep house cleaning involves vacuuming carpets, wiping down and disinfecting surface areas, cleaning door frames and window panes. Moreover, it has to do with scrubbing toilets, cleaning tubs and showers, changing linens and curtains to freshly washed ones, and many more. Thus, soon-to-be moms need to make their respective homes 'baby ready' through deep house cleaning.

Specific Cleaning Preparations

Before going into labor and bringing the baby home, soon-to-be moms should tend to these certain cleaning preparations:

1. Floors Should be Tidy Clean

Floors are the dirtiest part of a house next to the toilet or comfort rooms. It is where most organisms and infectious germs are found. This is why it essential to invest much time cleaning and ensuring that the floor is clean and properly disinfected. Carpets should be steam cleaned, floors should be swept and mopped, and sure that they are free from choking hazards. It should also be made certain that everything is dusted and sanitized to avoid exposing the baby to allergens or anything dangerous.

2. Kitchen Preparation

A kitchen is a place that is mostly involved in every household. From the kitchen countertops, cupboards, dining area to the kitchen floor. So is the importance of keeping this place clean, neatly organized and well sanitized. The kitchen is the place to prepare the baby's food and where milk bottles, pacifiers are sterilized, so it's best to have and maintain it as clean as possible.

Keeping the kitchen clean helps decrease risks of unwanted microorganisms and spreading bacteria, ensuring a perfectly healthy and safe environment for a baby.

3. Preparing the Baby's Room

The baby's room should be disinfected and should be spotless. Babies are easily susceptible to allergens like dust and molds so it is important to wipe all the walls and surfaces. It also should be well ventilated, and its linens and curtains should be clean, washed and free from dust particles. It is also essential to keep the necessities such as the wipes and other supplies at arm's reach from the changing table or the crib.

4. Baby Proofing the House

It is a tad early to start baby proofing a house, but given the new set of responsibility in caring for a newborn, it may be overwhelming for both parents to do baby proofing a little later. So it is best to start at an earlier phase. It is vital to keep one's house 'secured' from a very curious little one in baby proofing.

One can never tell when accidents would happen, how accidents would happen and what would likely cause an accident in one’s abode. First time moms should ensure that sharp corners of the house should be padded. Moreover, electric outlets should be safely covered, drawers, doors, or cupboards should be securely closed. Anything harmful to them should be kept away from the baby's reach. There are many other necessary safety precautions needed in one's home, do not overlook them.

However, deep house cleaning can be a little too much for a pregnant lady, given the complexity of this type of cleaning. With that being said, they can hire a maid service to do the deep cleaning. After availing of their services, these expectant moms can perform their routine cleaning in order to maintain the house's cleanliness while waiting for their due date.

Maintaining a clean home is essential, especially if there's a member of that household as fragile and sensitive as a baby. A little exposure to hazardous things could have a very serious effect on them, which is why parents should be mindful and particular enough to the things that are exposed to their newborn.

Preparing for a baby’s arrival can be time-consuming and is quite demanding of a lot of effort. From the baby’s essentials to the minor details, first time moms should be meticulous enough and careful tending to these preparations. But all this time spent and efforts invested are all worth it, as long as a parent is to ensure and to provide a safe, hazard-free and nurturing environment for the dearest, newest and most awaited family member.

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