Toddler Mom Hacks to Simplify your Everyday Life

From a messy house to soiled diapers - parenting a toddler can be really overwhelming. In order to overcome the challenges of motherhood you should make the most out of the life hacks you find online. Here are the best ones we could gather that are bound to make your life as a mother more rewarding and less stressful in turn.



  1. Learn to live with the mess

Toddlers are like little piglets - it seems like their favourite thing in the world is to make a mess out of everything. Some mishaps are easy to clean and they should be done with immediately, for example if they spill some lunch on the floor. When it comes to the less unhygienic type of mess such as toy clutter - just let it be. Designate a day or two in the week for cleaning that up, maybe even with some help from your little one if they’re interested, but don’t lose sleep over a plushie on your living room floor. Another idea is to clean while your toddler is napping. Entertaining your kid while trying to do some household work can be very tiresome.
  1. Mix feed your toddler

During toddlerhood most kids stop being completely dependent on the bottle for their nutritional needs. Alongside this, it is completely normal that you produce less breast milk. However, if you have a toddler that needs that extra nourishment from milk it may be a good idea to introduce formula even though you may have fed them exclusively your milk. Finding the right type of formula for your child can be quite challenging so you need to do a bit of research and read through others' experience to find something suitable. A great start would be to dig through the reviews of milk supplements. Check out this Friso 3 review and see whether this milk formula is a right fit for you and your toddler.
  1. Stick to the sleep schedule

You should start establishing the sleeping schedule for your child in early toddlerhood. This includes both the night’s shut eye and the daily naps. In order to make the schedule become second nature to your kid, you should be very persistent with it without making excuses. Toddlers need from 11 to 14 hours of sleep a day so it’s very important they get enough rest in order to grow healthily.
  1.  Dealing with picky eaters

Being a mother to a picky eater can be infuriating at times. Offering them a lot of different foods they ultimately refuse is quite strenuous. Getting your child to eat a wider variety of healthy food may be a challenge at first but there’s one hack that has helped many parents. Kids are proud of their achievements and by utilizing this characteristic you can help them eat more veggies and fruit. By getting your toddler involved in the process of meal prepping they will be more likely to eat the food! They will feel like they’ve made their dinner themselves so they will be more eager to empty the plate.
  1. Toothpaste isn’t just for teeth

Toddlers love playing around with colouring pens and markers and it’s all fun and games until they mess up your furniture. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this. You can use toothpaste to scrub away their works of art from almost everything. Though this hack will help you in the time of need you don’t need to rely on it too often if you invest in good quality magic markers. Another idea is to paint one of your walls with black chalkboard paint. This is a very cute way to let your kids have a lot of fun by drawing on the wall. 



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