Amal the Thirsty Gamal Book Review and Book Tour Giveaway

 I love finding children's books with great messages for children--and stories for Christmas too.  This morning, I have Amal the Thirsty Gamal in our book review spotlight.  Check out the book, learn about author Robert Schorr--and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Amal the Thirsty Gamal: A Christmas Tale by Robert Schorr
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
GenreChildren's Picture Book 
Publisher:  Mascot 
Release date:  July, 2021
Content Rating:  G.
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About the Book
The charming tale told in Amal the Thirsty Gamal is for every young person who might be anxious about how they are viewed by those around them (and yes, camels care about that too!). For so long, our little hero has been hearing taunts and jeers and thinking negative things about himself, his looks, and especially his little hump. But—oh, brace yourselves! — because Wise Men are traveling with Amal’s special caravan, and when one of them speaks up around the campfire one night, everything changes for little Amal!
My Review
Wonderful Lessons with a Christmas Story.  The author shares another view of the story of Christmas through Amal the Gamal's story.  Amal looked differently than the others--and grew up feeling anxious and worried that he would not be able to manage a long caravan trip as well as "normal", humped camels.  As the story moved on, we learned a little more about camels and their humps--some facts and fiction--and watch Amal learn about himself and his abilities along the way.  Amal the Thirsty Gamal teaches some life lessons while placing Amal in the heart of a Christmas story too.

Lovely Illustrations Fill the Pages. Readers will find soft, simply illustrations that bring Amal's story to life.  Amal's expressive eyes show his emotions throughout the story.  

Would I Recommend Amal the Thirsty Gamal by Robert A. Schorr?  This would make the perfect book for families who enjoy reading a variety of Christmas themed stories.  Amal has some wonderful lessons to share with growing elementary readers--as it is often easy to dwell on shortcomings and fail to see those greater purposes within.  I definitely recommend it to Christian families seeking a new story for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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Meet the Author
Robert Schorr resides in San Clemente, California, with his wife Sharilyn and their family nearby. For 26 years, he served as Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Towne in Orange, California. Prior to that, they lived in Asia for 17 years. He is devoted to his Savior, to Sharilyn, his children, flying, hiking, fly-fishing, Chinese, and writing. He loves any story that makes someone special, and he knew, a long time ago, that little Amal had one to tell.

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