How an Office Renovation Boosts Productivity (And Then Some)

Office space design should change continually, especially if you want to foster an optimal work environment that boosts employee productivity and reduces stress. After all, not everyone is a big fan of coming to work and seeing the same white walls or working on the same rickety chair.



If your business has hit a slump and the staff seems unmotivated, an office renovation may be the breath of fresh air everyone needs. However, you shouldn't settle for upgrading the lobby only. If you wish to motivate your employees, it takes time, effort and resources - all three poured generously.

Whether you need to work with engineered flooring experts or spend time shopping for ergonomic chairs, an office renovation should be a priority.

Consider the following ways a change in (office) scenery can improve your team's productivity.


How an Office Renovation Promotes Productivity

A good office remodel introduces different features that inspire employees to work better. For instance:

  • More office spaces. The addition of break-out rooms, small conference rooms and offices ensure that employees have a place matter what their task is. No need to wait for the other team to finish a task; they can go to another room.
  • Better lighting. Improved lighting and different lighting choices make work easier for employees. Better lighting ensures that everyone can see their tasks no matter what their job is. This can also encourage employees to accomplish their tasks faster.
  • Addition of more collaborative workspaces. Similar to open office layouts, collaborative workspaces bring the team together. It also encourages more employee interaction, giving every member of the team a chance to meet members from the other department.
  • Upgrade power systems and built-in technologies. Today's businesses should have updated electronic security systems, WiFi capabilities and other technology upgrades. In line with this, your office space should have many power outlets. This allows more employees to work with their laptops.
  • Improved storage capacity. Remodeling your office ensures that your business has enough storage for all of your office supplies and assets.


Other Benefits of an Office Renovation

Apart from improving employee productivity, an office renovation offers the following benefits:


Use Space More Efficiently

Many businesses grow into their office spaces without making the most out of their office. Cramped working conditions, lost belongings and clutter leads to office disputes and lower office productivity. Also, taking the time to retrieve, locate or store items can be counter-productive.

An office renovation encourages better use of space. Some companies adopt an open office layout while others add more floors, create more multi-purpose areas or convert their outdoor spaces.

If your company has outgrown your office, making use of the space that you have is the more affordable alternative to moving or finding a new office space.


Improved Employee Morale

As office spaces age, the environment can become inefficient, difficult to clean and run down. These qualities can discourage an employee to give it their all, which negatively impacts their morale. Employees want to feel that they have the resources to finish their job well.

Working in an adequate space and comfortable conditions with new equipment simplifies jobs. Employees can get their tasks done quicker. This also helps them feel better about their jobs, which can help them feel that they are doing something worthwhile.


Attract New Talent

First impressions are important, especially if you're trying to attract fresh talent to your business. Your office building speaks much about your company, as well as your finances. So if your office looks run-down, potential employees may be turned off and apply to another company.

Potential employees prefer working with businesses that can provide for their financial needs. If a business can't improve the upkeep of their office, how can they keep up with their employees' salaries?


Safety Should Still Be a Priority

When renovating the office, make sure that your contractors check if the building is still following current government codes. If your building is not code-compliant, your contractor will inform you about the changes necessary to ensure employee safety.

Addressing safety concerns protects your business by reducing the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries.


Safety upgrades for your office renovation should include the following:

  • Accessibility upgrades
  • Fire protection system upgrades
  • Structural upgrades
  • Energy code upgrades


The Bottom Line

Instead of considering an office renovation as an additional expense, think of it as an investment. A good office renovation delivers more return on your investments in the form of better employee performance, productivity and profitability.


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