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This morning, I have a faith-filled, good vs. evil novel in our book review feature. Learn about Nobody's Mulligan and author Brian Holt, read my thoughts on the book and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Book Title:  Nobody's Mulligan by Brian Holt
Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 337 pages
Genre: Spiritual, Inspirational, Religion
Publisher:  Covenant Books
Release Date: March 2020

Content Rating:  G - No excessive sex, profanity or violence

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About the Book

Margaret Sullivan, a troubled college student in her early twenties, becomes a modern-day Joan of Arc when she is compelled to save humanity as the pinnacle of evil comes to seize what he believes was his in NOBODY’S MULLIGAN by Brian Holt.

Orphaned at childbirth and raised by her maternal grandparents, Margaret feels the sting of loss when her grandmother dies. With no maternal figure in her life to offer her comfort and guidance, Margaret becomes a borderline traumatic social recluse and is treated as an outcast, despite participating in admirable callings, and is left with her ailing grandfather, Paddy Sullivan. What she doesn’t realize is that evil is actively afoot and identifies her as an impediment to Satan’s global apocalyptic conquest.

Craig Templeton, an unmotivated, barely graduated gamer existing in his mother’s basement, seeks employment at a PR firm, assigned to the mailroom, which he perceives as corporate leprosy and beneath him given his freshly minted college degree. Templeton’s rust-relic of a car is the perfect prompt for Satan, as he sees Templeton ogling the high-end vehicles believing that he is already deserving of such amenities.

Drawn against their will into the town square on the night of the apocalypse arranged by a series of circumstances under Templeton’s influence, the citizens of Grace’s Parrish are confronted by the accumulated product of their own transgressions, and universal suffrage is served. Perplexed by her grandfather’s apparent immunity to Templeton’s will, Margaret ultimately realizes that faith will triumph over evil. The price is heavy, as the town seeks redemption from the only one who can grant it. With it comes a caveat that one detractor in the group will re-invite the apocalypse with increased severity.

Margaret’s heroism is handsomely rewarded as she ultimately finds transcendence that no mortal could deliver—a unification with the one person whose absence created an emotional abyss, as well as an explanation of her grandfather’s immunity to Satan’s will which is epic. And she ultimately finds her happily ever after with a love-match that is intriguingly coincidental!  The ending nicely sets the stage for the workings of a prequel.
My Review

Author Re-Visits the Good Vs. Evil Battle in His Own Way. While most of us who enjoy a good "end of humanity" story with a good vs. evil battle have read many takes on the same theme--the author creates just enough unique elements to this storyline to make it original and exciting.  As the author develops his characters and weaves together the details of the plot--readers will be treated to religious thought as well as human nature insights and real-world flaws.  


Relatable Characters and Storytelling Bring the Book To Life. While there are some slow points to the story--the author does a great job keeping the flow of the novel moving along to resolution. Even at slower moments, the writing style and the novel's characters keep readers engaged and interested in the storyline--and rooting for the success and happiness of the book's heroine. 


Would I Recommend Nobody's Mulligan by Brian Holt? This book is an excellent find for religious/inspirational fiction fans who also enjoy end-of-the-world-style adventures. While the novel provides a lot to love/hate in its main characters and serves faith lessons--it also serves some real-world realizations that readers may find relatable and a bit timely for our current world. I enjoyed the novel and would recommend it to those interested in an end-of-humanity-as-we-know-it story of faith battling evil.

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