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Today, I have a motivational / inspirational novel in our book review spot!  Check out Humanity's Cry for Change, learn about author Kate Heartsong--and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Humanity's Cry for Change: Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth by Kate Heartsong
Category: Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 216 pages
Genre:  Inspirational/Motivational
Publisher:  Joyful Radiance, LLC
Release date:  July 2020
Content Rating:  G Your description of the rating "G" describes well this book. No bad language, religious expletives, sex scenes, drug use or underage drinking; also no violence (other than reference that there is a lot of violence happening on the planet).

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About the Book
Many people worldwide are anxious and in pain. They want relief! With chaos in both our individual lives and across the globe, humanity is hungry to learn about why there's all this upheaval and what we can do to positively change ourselves and humanity.

Humanity's Cry for Change has the answers to these, and other important questions that people are yearning to explore and resolve.

Also discover:
  • the science that proves we are all interconnected, and why we must now live with Oneness consciousness to create a new earth and to survive.

  • Valuable exercises that will help us awaken from our dream of separation, walk our authentic life, experience personal healing, raise our vibration, and more.

  • Ways for businesses to create sustainable, collaborative and wholistic systems for the well-being of all.

  • How to create a new earth, one that offers kindness, respect, collaboration, love and peace.

Have hope and lighten your heart as you step onto this journey of positive change and healing; realize that as you do this, everyone benefits and that together we can create the new earth!
My Review
The author offers an interesting and insightful look at our world.  It took some time for me to settle into the book.  The author spent much time making her case for change--and the cause and effect relationships our actions and activities have on others and the world as a whole.  It seemed a bit redundant early on--but, once the author explained her views on the chaos that has overtaken the world and the relationships and connections that both hurt (and remedy) the situations--the book began to take shape and the self-help aspect naturally emerged.  Heartsong offered an interesting view of chaos--and insightful notes to provoke thought and self-reflection in her readers.  
Many of Us Seek Change.  The past year gave many of us time to reflect on our lives--leading many to realize that the paths taken were not fulfilling.   While we often know that a change is needed, we are often uncertain that any true change can be realized.    As the author explains our personal relationship to the world--the idea of small, personal changes becomes empowering toward larger changes and "fixes".  Through examples and suggestions for exercises and actions--the author gives readers not only an understanding of the problem faced--but, realistic, actionable changes the reader could make in his or her life. 
Would I Recommend Humanity's Cry for Change? For those seeking thought-provoking, motivational activities and ideas to move toward more mindful, positive living--this book is certainly worth the read.  Be a little patient as the author develops her ideas--the actions and exercises are helpful and insightful.  It is a great starting point for those feeling stuck and weighed down by the happenings of the world!

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Meet the Author

For over 20 years, Kate Heartsong, author, Reiki Master/Teacher, entrepreneur, speaker and coach, has been receiving profound insights while meditating. She is passionate about supporting her clients, audiences and readers with these insights, along with the wisdom from her vast life experiences and education. She does this through empowered coaching, workshop facilitation, writing articles, coauthoring, speaking, and through her two books, Humanity’s Cry for Change and Deeply We Are One.

Kate has also been teaching self-confidence, meditation and Reiki workshops for over 15 years, with many successful client results.

​In addition to this, Kate is one of 91 coaches worldwide, who are on the new Google Play Store app called Ingomu, empowering her learners with her topic called Positively Change Yourself and Humanity.

Connect with the Author: website ~ Twitter ~ Linkedin ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ goodreads 

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