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This morning, I have a business leadership / self help book in our spotlight!  Check out Greatness is NOWhere: Three Principles to Jazz up Your Culture, Pep up Your People, and Spice up Your Customer Experience and learn about author Melkart Rouhana! 



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About the Book


Greatness is the ability to unleash the best version of yourself, your team, and your organization.

Ever since the dawn of civilization, greatness has been the voice of our human spirit. It is not an outcome, but a way of living. We are in a constant chase after meaning and progress. We seek to find the best possible version of everything, including ourselves, yearning to unleash our potential and make an impact.

Greatness is not exclusive to athletes or famous people who have left their footprints in our world. It concerns every one of us-you and me, people who choose to find meaning, the voice to lead a purpose-driven life, and the courage to make a meaningful contribution. Can you imagine the impact you and your organization would have if you harness the power of greatness and tap into the highest reaches of potential, inspiration, and execution?

Greatness is not a philosophy or a strategy. It is a deliberate commitment to inspire engaged colleagues, fashion customer excitement, produce exponential results, and leave a distinct footprint in the world. In Greatness is NOWHERE Melkart examines three principles to enable greatness:

Principle 1: You can't be what your culture is not
How do you promote and inspire a winning culture-that intangible and hidden mark of distinction that literally shapes everything you do?

Principle 2: You can't be what your people are not
How do you translate talent to performance, surround yourself with the right, talented, and passionate colleagues, and bring out the gold in others?

Principle 3: You can't be what your investment is not
How do you bring your investment to the world, deliberately evoke emotions in your customers, and convert your customer experience into one that chills and thrills?

Greatness is NOWHERE answers all these questions and more and shares three Principles, 15 Truths, and 20 Tools to jazz up your culture, pep up your people, spice up your customer experience, and ultimately unleash greatness.

The Truths presented in this book represent the accumulation of knowledge and insights Melkart Rouhana have gained throughout the years, drawing on a wealth of thoughts, practices, and experiences of great organizations, executives, authors, researchers, and practitioners. In Greatness is NOWHERE, Melkart Rouhana shares a roadmap that will guide you to find greatness and lead your people and organization to ultimately unleash their potential and, in the process, impact the future of our world.
The call is for greatness.
You have a voice.
Choose the road to greatness.
Step up! The choice is yours. 


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About the Author 


An unshakable, pragmatic leader and highly sought-after keynote speaker, Melkart Rouhana is the Chief Engagement Officer of MRT Consultants whose purpose is to Enable Greatness. Melkart is a world-renowned culture, leadership, and service expert and was named “The Rock Star of Customer Service” by Porsche executives, “The Ferrari of Customer Experience” by top executives, and “the Engagement Magician” by top hoteliers. 


Melkart has held previous positions such as corporate director of global learning at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and corporate head of learning and development for Emaar Hospitality Group and Armani Hotels and Resorts, to name few. He also coaches on the Executive MBA program of London Business School and part of Talent Plus Global Advisors Network, which provides unprecedented access to masters of their industry who can help transform organizations. 


Melkart’s philosophy has been recognized as foundational and has been instrumental to the success of some of the most celebrated companies and institutions around the globe such as The Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Porsche, Raffles, W Hotels, Rosewood, Accor, and Mercedes-Benz to name few. 


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