Overcome Gym Anxiety by Following These Essential Tips and Tricks

You might not have worked out at a gym yet. The fear of being judged holds you back from doing workouts. It's understandable, especially if you have social anxiety. You feel like people are always observing you. It's all in your mind, and you can't control it.


Studies show that gym avoidance can be correlated with social anxiety. So most likely, your fear of being scrutinized by fellow gym-goers is rooted in your social anxiety. These thoughts are hard to contain, especially when they have already taken over your head.


But if you want to get into fitness, your social anxiety should not stop you. You can reduce its effects and find ways to subdue the feeling. So how can you overcome your gym anxiety? Here are some tips that might apply to you.

Find a Gym for You

Working out can be stressful for people who have gym anxiety. Being surrounded by people who are already fit can contribute to your worries. This can cause unnecessary intimidation and insecurities. Having these thoughts can ruin your whole workout session. You're not alone. A survey concluded that 50% out of the 2,000 participants find it appalling to work out among other people at the gym. This might be one reason why some gyms cater exclusively to shy people. You can check out gyms that offer a kind of environment like this if you're determined to pursue fitness. This might be an answer to your gym anxiety.

Hire a Fitness Trainer

Training alone can be daunting if you have gym anxiety. You're afraid of committing mistakes. Avoiding scrutiny from other gym-goers is your goal, making it hard for you to focus. If that keeps you grounded from working out at the gym, you can hire a fitness trainer.


A fitness trainer can accompany you while you're working out. They'll make sure you're doing your routines properly. This way, you can reduce your fear of being noticed by others for doing an exercise wrong. That's because your trainer can give you confidence by teaching you how to do the exercises right.


Also, having a fitness trainer can minimize your risks of injuring yourself. This is important, especially if you're new to fitness and exercise. You might end up visiting an urgent care clinic for injuries if you're not well-versed with what you do. Your fitness trainer can keep you confident and safe at the gym.

Use Earphones

If you already know how to execute your routines, you can immerse yourself in working out. Use earphones and listen to your favorite music. This will get you in the zone and make you less distracted by the people around you. Wearing earphones can also lessen the chances of other people interacting with you. That's if you're not into getting involved in a conversation while doing exercises.


You want to make sure that the music isn't too loud to drown you in what you're doing. You still have to be aware of your surroundings and be approachable when someone asks for help. Block out unnecessary distractions when you wear earphones while working out.

Make Friends

As the saying goes, "If you can't beat them, join them." The difference is you're joining in befriending these people you think you can't beat. Believe it or not, people at the gym can be friendly too.


The first thing you have to remember is to introduce yourself to fellow gym-goers. This will prompt them to introduce themselves. That's one way to start a conversation with people at your local gym. You're going to see each other's faces often. It's better if they'd know you by your name instead of just knowing you by your face.


Many gym-goers feel appreciated if you ask for help from them. You can also talk to them about a topic you know or jump into the conversation if you have something to add. These people won't bite. It won't hurt if you start a little discussion.

Focus on Your Goals

Lastly, instead of focusing on what others might think about you, you should focus on your goal. Always go back to the main reason you're working out at the gym. It's for your self-improvement. You're doing it for yourself and not for the people you think are judging you.


It's also essential to mention that these people at the gym have their own goals. It'll be too much for them to mind other people's businesses so it's better to mind their own instead. That's a mindset you should adopt.


It's good if you're able to work out at the gym. But it's better if you can cancel all thoughts that prevent you from giving your one hundred percent. Follow the tips in this post to reduce your gym anxiety.


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