What You Wish You’d Known Before Moving to Chicago

Are you considering relocating to Chicago? The third-largest city in terms of population in the United States, Chicago is an excellent location for anyone who wants to live in a global-standard metropolitan city. Richer in history than Los Angeles and cleaner than New York, this "Third-Coast" city is brimming with culture, historic neighborhoods, and Michelin-starred restaurants. 


A majority of Chicago residents have roots going back several generations. However, the place equally welcomes newcomers with open arms. From the rich cultural scene to waterfront restaurants and abundance of recreational activities, it is easy to fall in love with the Windy City.

However, there is more to becoming a Chicago resident than you anticipate. Whether you are moving to Chicago with your family or entering the city for a job, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Getting Around


Regardless of the city you are relocating to, perhaps the first thing you should learn is how to move around the city. Owning a car will quickly wear you out due to unfavorable gridlocks that will take up a lot of time in the morning and evening, high parking charges, and stressful parking rules.

On the other hand, commuting is much easier. The Chicago Transport Authority offers convenient ways for residents to get to almost every part of the city — this includes trains and buses moving on specific tracks. Nonetheless, make sure you know your route and be prepared for delayed departure and arrival times, but the fares are fairly cheap.


Winter in Chicago Is One of the Coldest 

Winters are very cold in Chicago, especially with the renowned bone-chilling wind. It gets so cold that the schools here close for chilly and snow days because it can be dangerous for students outside. So, when you plan to relocate to Chicago, make sure you go prepared for the sub zero winters.

Put extra consideration into dressing appropriately. A heavy coat and a winter hat aren't going to keep you safe from the weather. So, dress in layers and wear waterproof boots. Additionally, if you own a vehicle, keep jumper cables, gloves, shovels, a snow brush on hand for times of need. An umbrella with wind vents is also necessary.

Chicago Neighborhoods Are Diverse

Chicago is a city of diverse neighborhoods. If you are into sports and beer gardens, you would want to check out the southside neighborhoods like Lincoln Parks or Lakeview. On the other hand, the northside offers a more urban experience. Similarly, the Ukrainian Village and Logan Square are ideal for people who are into live music and dive bars. Aspiring foodies should check out the Near West Side.

Before you move to Chicago, you will have to figure out which neighborhood you wish to live in. The locality you choose will depend on your lifestyle, whether you want a permanent residence or a place to rent, and your budget. Your funds will also determine whether you share an apartment with someone to cut expenses.

You'll Wish You Lived Close to a Grocery Store

Another thing you should be concerned about is the proximity to a grocery store. While there is an endless array of restaurant options in Chicago, you don't want to end up spending most of your earnings on the delivery of food items.

Instead, you want to make it as easy as possible to stock your pantry. Apps like Instacart make it easier for Chicagoans to purchase groceries even if they lack grocery access.

Renting Is Preferred to Buying

Whether you are moving with your family into a forever home or looking for a single, temporary residence, it is more ideal to rent than buy in Chicago. Compared to the west coast and east coast, Chicago probably has one of the best housing market bargains in North America. Chicago's median home value was estimated to be $285,579 in 2018. But this figure has increased by 7.9 percent between January 2020 and February 2020.

Chicago can also be referred to as the renter's city since the cost of making actual purchases within the city limits can be pretty high. Currently, the median home price is around $330,350. However, if you plan to rent in Chicago, you would be surprised to know that the median price for a home listing is $1,635. The median rental cost in Chicago is just $166 above the national average rent of $1,469.

Welcome to the Windy City

Chicago is a welcoming city. It won't take long for you to feel all the love it has to offer. Chances are you will be getting a tattoo of the Chicago flag, drinking malort shots, and complaining about politics like a local soon.

Regardless of where you are moving to, odds are you don't want unwanted guests creeping and crawling all over your new place. Enlist the help of a professional through pest control chicago services to handle any pest problems before moving into a new house.


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