5 Reasons You Should Send Handwritten Thank You Cards

When I was a little girl, I loved to receive mail! Greeting cards were especially my favorites. Now, with email, texts, and instant messaging--greeting cards and handwritten notes have become the exception for many of us! Deep down, I am still that little girl who loves to receive mail, and I am one of the few who sends handwritten cards for birthdays and holidays, and I have always encouraged my family to do the same. Why should you consider sending handwritten notes instead of instant messages and emails? Here are five reasons you should send handwritten thank you cards and letters.


Handwritten letters and thank you cards add a personal touch. First and foremost, handwritten notes and thank you cards are more personal for both the writer and recipient. Sure, we can quickly create a Facebook event inviting 20 people to a backyard barbecue or send a text to 30 people thanking them for graduation gifts or attending a party. While e-greetings are quick and easy, they do not arrive with that same personalized, meaningful feel of a handwritten note or greeting. When you handwrite a message, it lets you really think about the recipient as you create the greeting--and it shows the recipient that you took that time to think of them individually. 

Handwritten thank you cards and letters require you to slow down a little. My favorite part of sending out the annual Christmas cards is working through my address list and reflecting on my memories of those names on my list! Creating handwritten cards and letters forces me to be present and more appreciative of my note's recipient and their value in my life. Handwritten notes and cards, even automated thank you cards from businesses, give the recipient a few moments to slow down and reflect on their relationship with the sender as well! 


Handwritten notes and thank you cards may benefit the writer's health. Science shows that the brain and body benefit from handwriting notes and letters. From engaging portions of the brain differently to appreciating the flow of the handwritten letters--and enjoying the mindfulness of creatively expressing thoughts and emotions to an important person in your life--handwritten notes may benefit the writer's health. 


Handwritten notes and thank you cards are memorable. In part, handwritten notes and cards are more meaningful than e-cards because they are not so common. Most of us receive hundreds of texts, emails, and messages over the week (or even the day!). It's easy for a thank you note to get buried and forgotten within loads of sales promos, work emails, calendar reminders, and such. A meaningful, handwritten card can be held, displayed, revisited, and saved. I have a storage box of old cards and greetings that holds some cards from lost loved ones and friends. There is something special about seeing my grandmother's handwriting on a birthday card or my mother-in-law's handwriting and thoughts on an old thank you card.


Sending handwritten notes and cards brightens the day for recipients. Just as handwriting a card or message gives the writer time to be present, appreciative, and reflective, receiving one does the same for the recipient! Receiving a personal card or note and knowing that the writer took the time, effort, and initiative to create and mail that card just for you is special. Sending handwritten cards and notes will brighten someone's day and bring a smile.



Handwritten cards and notes are great ways for you to connect with family and friends--and even small business customers--in a meaningful way. Give it a try the next time you need to send a thank-you note or greeting card!

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