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I love sharing new children's books--especially those with some deeper messages for families!  Today, I have Butterfly Love from Above by Melissa Stuart.  Check out Butterfly Love from Above, learn about the author, read my thoughts on the book & be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Book Title: BUTTERFLY LOVE FROM ABOVE by Melissa Stuart
Category:  Children's Fictions (ages 3-7), 32 pages
Genre:  Children's Book
PublisherPerformance Publishing Group
Release date:   April, 2022
Content Rating:  G - Suitable for everyone.  

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About the Book

This is the heartwarming story of one little girl’s journey through grief. After losing her best friend—a butterfly named Twinkle—Star must search to rediscover her sunshine. The loss of Twinkle has kept Star under a dark cloud for some time, but her journey towards betterment will touch the hearts of all readers! Star is amazed to discover that she can reclaim her own sunshine by helping others who are also stuck under a dark cloud of their own! And she’ll realize that her light is even brighter than before! Star’s love for Twinkle—and her pony, Luna—will show readers the beauty, joy, and healing power that animals can bring to our lives! Her journey will remind us that there is something beautiful to see when we take a moment to “always look up!”


My Review


Butterfly Love from Above is a Lovely, Heartwarming Story for Children. As little Star learns a little about grief and loss, readers may readily relate to some of the story's emotions. Simple illustrations add to the warmth and emotions of Star's story. Animal and nature lovers will enjoy Star's friendships with Twinkle and Luna--and relate to Star's feelings of love and loss as the story develops. 



Butterfly Love From Above Introduces Life Lessons and Opportunities for Conversation. Learning to cope with changes and losing close friends or loved ones (even if temporarily) are complex concepts for children to grasp. This book does a beautiful job lightly introducing some gentle ideas of pause, reflection, and gratitude. The book also watches little Star recognize sadness in others and use some of her own tools and resources to be a friend and help others. I think this is a lovely book to help families navigate things that cause anxiety or sadness in their lives as well.



Would I Recommend Butterfly Love from Above by Melissa Stuart? This book is a short, easy-to-read children's book with many more significant messages. I would recommend it to preschool and younger elementary readers and families--especially those facing loss or change. Learning to pause, reflect and refocus is a precious tool for children (and adults, too!) that this book introduces in a fun, entertaining way. 


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Meet the Author

Melissa Stuart lives in Los Angeles, California with her family, their English Mastiff, Gucci, and their pony, Luna! Melissa and her husband stay busy traveling all over the country with their boys’ hockey teams. She loves being a Hockey Mom and watching her boys chase their dream of following in their dad’s footsteps to play in the NHL! Her happy place is with her little girl, Stella, at the barn surrounded by horses and their precious Luna. Sun Valley, Idaho is her family’s favorite summer getaway destination. When they’re there, Melissa feels most inspired to write sitting by the river, surrounded by mountains and nature! Her dream of becoming a published author for the first time came true in early 2021, as she shared her story “Find Your Sunshine” in a book co-written by 10 other inspiring authors—all of whom were sharing stories about shining their light and becoming difference makers in the world! Melissa hopes this story will inspire children to always look up. She wishes to teach them that true joy comes when we shine our own light and show kindness to others. That’s the secret to finding our sunshine!

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