The Travel Fashion Guide: Journey In Style And Comfort

Going on holiday is an opportunity to strut your stuff down the catwalks of an airport terminal, or show off some style when you arrive at your luxury holiday destination. No matter what your holiday plans are this year or next, this is the guide you need to journey in style and comfort.


Treat Your Feet

Whatever your travel itinerary, you are going to be spending a good part of the day walking, standing, and even running. The rest of the time you will be sitting, and hopefully comfortably in a luxurious space. 


When it comes to travel footwear, you need to find a pair that is durable, fashionable, and comfortable. Check out the choices at SSENSE, which has plenty of shoes for comfort and style that are perfect for a first-class lounge or a rickshaw ride through the streets of an Asian metropolis. 


Look after your feet, and they will look after you, so spend a little extra on quality in this area of your travel outfit.


Consider The Base You Are Building On

This covers two layers of your travel outfit, your underwear and the skin you are in. You know how your body reacts to temperature changes, which can be huge between different stops on a long-haul flight. 


Consider how your body is going to handle the stress, strain, and heat and cold of your journey. This should help inform your next choice, your underwear. To make sure your body can breathe in a hot, sunny holiday destination use 100% cotton underwear that is light and loose. 


For colder climates, you may want to thicken up the cotton or use a blended mix of man-made and natural materials.


Smart But Casual Is The Way To Travel

Your clothing should be light, not only in weight but also in colour. Travel is fun and your style should reflect that. Men should dress in pastel shades and khaki colours unless travelling for business. Women have more options open to them for stylish travel. 


A light summer dress with or without a simple pattern makes a comfortable travel outfit that can bring some added style with its accessories. Ladies have an opportunity to add an extra piece of luggage with a clutch bag or small handbag. 


If your start trying to take your ‘big bag’ on a flight with you there is a chance it could count as extra handluggage. Don’t push things too far and use a bag that can hold the important things you need close by, and not much more.


Keep jewellery simple, and light. Stud earrings or small hoops will be much more comfortable over a long day of travelling.


Belts, watches, and wallets are the primary male accessories, and all will play a vital function throughout the voyage. The watch will keep everyone on time to make their travel connections, the wallet will be used to pay for things, and the belt will complement the shoes helping to bring the whole ensemble together.


Do not allow yourself to travel in scruffy loungewear, it is an event and should be treated as such. Make your next journey an excuse to flaunt your fashion sense and show off your style.


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