Kids Love Getting Letters--Especially from Santa

I know. The Halloween pumpkins are still hanging out on the front step, but we are already looking ahead to the holidays. We won't skip Thanksgiving--but we will be shifting gears to talk about Christmas a little here and there! If your kids are like my girls--they LOVE getting letters addressed to them in the mail. My grandma was the best about always ensuring that the kids received personal little holiday cards and birthday cards--just for them. Those always brought such smiles. As we shift our thoughts to writing Christmas lists and sending mail to Santa Claus--wouldn't it be fun if the kids received mail from Santa? Today, I want to share a fun way to make that possible this Christmas!  




What is so special about a letter from Santa--from the North Pole? 


You probably have heard the saying that "the days are long--but the years are short" when older parents reflect on how quickly it seems that their little ones grew into adults with little ones of their own! There is just something extraordinary about watching a child's eyes light up with wonder during the holidays and the mysterious magic of Santa Claus.  


Little ones put a lot of thought into their Christmas wish lists that they write to Santa, and some worry a bit if they've made it onto Santa's nice list! Some even begin to doubt the jolly old Elf far sooner than most parents would prefer!  


Getting a unique, personalized letter from Santa is a super fun way to add a magical touch to your holiday season. The little doubters may second guess themselves when they see a certified letter postmarked at the North Pole...North Pole, Alaska--but the details may not be as important as the big picture to a child!


Letters from Santa sends a fun little package easing those naughty/nice list worries and comes straight from the desk of Santa. They also donate 10% of all profits from to Toys for Tots.


Christmas letters from Santa are a fun way to build excitement for Christmas.


We didn't jump on board the Elf on a Shelf bandwagon--but we always do a whole month of excitement-building activities. I would order letters from Santa early--and tuck the received notes away until after the girls mailed their letters to Santa. They loved that they received "responses," and I used the letters as a fun, mid-December excitement booster!


I will be sharing a holiday calendar with daily winter/Christmas-themed crafts, snacks, and ideas a little later this month--and ordering letters from Santa will be my first idea on December 1!


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