Pups & Purrs Series Spotlight & Guest Post

This morning, I am featuring a wonderful series for middle grade readers and animal lovers! I have had the opportunity to read and review a few of these books and I love the way Sunny Weber includes real world lessons and dog & cat owner education with really heartwarming dog stories!  Check out the series, read a guest post from the author & be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Series Title:  PUPS & PURRS SERIES by Sunny Weber
Category: Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12)
Genre:  animals/pets
Publisher:  Pups & Purrs Press
Release date:  Oct 6, 2017, Aug 8, 2019, August 23, 2019, 
Content Rating: G

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About the Series

Mission: Humane education through storytelling.

Each book in the Pups & Purrs series features Classic Coming of Age stories with multi-layered themes and messages for a wide variety of readers.

Ages 7-10 will enjoy the surface of the stories; ages 10-13 will begin to see the messages; ages 13 and up will begin to identify with the deeper themes.

Each book reflects issues children experience and the animal characters give voice to emotions that children often cannot.
The main goals of the series are:
​To Help children
 who have difficulty verbalizing their life stresses but who can identify with animals. The animal characters experience the same issues: e.g.:  social isolation; personal identity conflicts; bullying; rejection; lack of power; decision-making; growing up challenges.
To Provide humane education for childrenteaching what animals need; to develop empathy; seeking to see the world through animal eyes; assisting in the early development of altruism.
A major goal is to turn potential animal abusers around--avoiding the inevitable escalation to violence against people. Children begin abusing animals when they are abused, or see abuse modeled in the adults around them. The P&P series seeks to give children more constructive options through humane awareness of animals as sentient beings.
To Teach through storytelling and entertainment: by encouraging reading by featuring colorful characters and engrossing stories.
To Develop early problem-solving abilities/analytical thinking:  the animal characters show how to set goals and develop step-by-step accomplishments to attain those goals. They face the consequences of their decisions and grow in personal responsibility.
To Promote the humane treatment of all creatures and the environment by furnishing tools for parents, teachers, counselors, and humane educators at home, school, in therapeutic settings, and at animal rescue environments.
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Guest Post from the Author

Why Helping Children See The World Through Animals’ Eyes Is So
By Sunny Weber

A major goal is to turn potential animal abusers around--avoiding the inevitable escalation to
violence against people. Children begin abusing animals when they are abused, or see abuse
modeled in the adults around them. The P&P series seeks to give children more constructive
options through humane awareness of animals as sentient beings. By engaging children in
constructive and compassionate discussions, a trusted adult can spot the early warning signs of
potential anger and violence that is initially “practiced” on animals. Early intervention by trained
adults can intervene in the cycle of violence that always escalates to crimes against people.
Developing empathy at an early age can deter nightmares of cruelty later.
Books in the Series

Book Title:  From Wild to Mild: A Dog in Two Worlds by Sunny Weber
Category: Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12), 196 pages
Genre:  animals/pets
Publisher Pups & Purrs Press
Release date:   August 23, 2019
Content Rating: G

2020 Moonbeam Silver
Children's Pets/Animals Fiction
CIPA EVVY Pets/Animals/Nature, Third Place
CIPA EVVY Middle Grade Fiction, Third Place

*** Amazon Best Seller in ten categories, 2022 ***

"Sunny Weber takes readers on a remarkable journey between two worlds as we follow the puppy, Kaya, struggle to live and grow with a family of coyotes, and then experience returning to her role as a dog living with people. In addition to exciting adventures, challenges, and drama experienced by Kaya, we also learn about the differences between the animals, and their very different relationships to people. As a biologist that works with coyotes and dogs, I appreciate the creative way Sunny distinguishes the two animals in such an engaging story. Highly recommended for young readers interested in dogs, coyotes, and the world through their eyes."   Stanley D. Gehrt, Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Extension Wildlife Specialist, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Ohio State University

"What a beautiful, heartwarming book!  Sunny incorporates the stories of abused and neglected farmed animals to bring attention to their plight. Sunny does a wonderful job of telling the story of Kaya, a caring and compassionate dog who is forced to confront her values and make difficult decisions to follow her heart or to fit in. Kaya teaches us to have empathy for all animals, regardless of their species."  Chrissy Dinardo, Development Director, Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary, Erie, CO 

About the Book

Eight-week-old Australian Shepherd Kaya is kidnapped by a nasty coyote to be food for his mate and puppies. Instead, the loving mother raises Kaya with her own pups. But as hard as she tries, Kaya can’t completely fit in—she can’t kill prey or stay awake for night hunts. Why can’t she make herself a true coyote? Constantly criticized by her coyote father, Kaya finds support in her new mother and siblings. She also figures out how to contribute through teamwork with her brother and sister. Trapped by a dog rescue, Kaya re-enters the human world and learns the differences between how dogs and coyotes live. When freed to roam again, does she return to her forest freedom—or remain with her farm family? Can Kaya forever straddle between the Wild and the Mild?

Book Title Hurricane Dog: A Tale of Betrayal, Redemption & Change by Sunny Weber
Category: Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12), 221 pages
Genre:  animals/pets
Publisher Pups & Purrs Press
Release date:   Aug 8, 2019
Content Rating: G

First Place CIPA EVVY Award
Moonbeam Children's Book Award - Silver
*** Amazon Best Seller in nine categories, 2022 ***

"Hurricane Dog starts out very nicely but as the story progresses (especially following the hurricane) one may need to obtain a box of tissues. This book touches on several sensitive issues without delving too deeply so this book is suitable for middle-grade children. This book is told over several years from the viewpoint of Gator's eyes as he undergoes several life-changing events that alter everything he knows." - review by Blooming with Books
About the Book

Pit bull mix Gator and puppy mill survivor Magnolia are abandoned during a Louisiana hurricane. They suffer dehydration and starvation after rescuers take their people to safety but leave the pets behind.

Saved from their flooded house, Gator and Magnolia recover but remain homeless. Nobody wants a pit bull. Gator’s resentment festers into intense hatred for Gavin, the boy who left them to die. He vows to never trust again.

Transported to Colorado with other refugee pets, Gator and Magnolia face the uncertainty of a new life. Eventually they are fostered by a kind woman who seems mysteriously familiar. Both dogs relax in their new lives until upheaval again throws them into chaos.

Overwhelmed by trauma, Gator and Magnolia cling to one another through change after change. Will they be separated? Will Gator forgive the Great Betrayal and love again?

What will happen to pets and their people in the next natural disaster? Can Gavin change the rules of rescue? Will Gavin and Gator reunite?
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Book Title:  The Dog at the Gate: How a Throwaway Dog Becomes Special by Sunny Weber
Category: Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12), 246 pages
Genre:  animals/pets
Publisher:  Pups & Purrs Press
Release date:   Oct 6, 2017
Content Rating: G

Moonbeam Children's Book Award - Silver
CIPA EVVY Animals & Pets Third Place
CIPA EVVY Children's Story Books Third Place
*** Amazon Best Seller in eight categories, 2022 ***
"The Dog at the Gate is the next Black Beauty!" - Laurie Wagner Buyer, author of Rough Breaks: A Wyoming High Country Memoir

"The Dog at the Gate will help teach children to be be kind to animals and learn that they have feelings." --Temple Grandin, PhD, Bright Not Broken: Gifted Kids, ADHD, and Autism

"Ms. Weber spins an engaging yarn about an admirable Australian Shepherd. Dog lovers young and old will find both Max and his story of adversity overcome delectable. Read it and reap the emotional reward." --Gary Michael, Author of Journey From Little Left

"Weber's writing is clear, poignant, and includes an engaging plot with compelling narrative." -- Blue Ink Review 

"This touching narrative, with its colorful characters and humane messaging. . .conveys a resonant message of empathy for mistreated and abandoned animals." -- Kirkus Reviews
About the Book

Can a dog like Max go from years without a bath to unconditional love and acceptance?
Or will his new family abandon him again?

Puppy Max doesn’t have the easiest start in life. He faces hunger, living alone outside, a vicious dog next door, and menacing raccoons. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, he is abandoned at an animal shelter.
Max is rescued and fostered in a home complete with canine companions - Miles, a benevolent fellow Australian Shepherd, and cantankerous, bossy little Muffin. He also lives with three cats, two parakeets, and one incredible mistress.

Fans of classics like Black Beauty, Thomasina, and Beautiful Joe, which feature redemptive bonds between animals and people, will find The Dog at the Gate: How a Throwaway Dog Becomes Special offers a touching tale of love and triumph.

Meet the Author

Sunny Weber has over 30 years in animal welfare advocacy. She has experience in rescue, fostering, medical care, service and therapy dog evaluation and training, shelter and sanctuary work and specializes in the rehabilitation of fearful animals. Sunny has rehabilitated then re-homed hundreds of dogs, cats and horses.

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