Book Review Spotlight: The Great Tree: A Christmas Fable by Able Barrett

This morning, I have a wonderful last minute Christmas idea for fantasy and fairy tale fans!  Check out The Great Tree:  A Christmas Fable, read my thoughts on on the book, and learn about author Able Barrett!


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About the Book

A Christmas Story For the Whole Family

Long ago, during more ancient times, just before Christmas, a young man with his dog, was desperately searching for his long-lost brother, so that he could see their sick and dying mother one last time before she passed. The two were separated at a very young age, when one was stolen away by the Prince of Darkness. The Great Tree, enormous in size, sat next to a castle on a mountain top, and was the heart of the kingdom of the wicked Sorcerer. This kingdom was protected by the evil Charnelgoul and his band of wolves. A small town sat at the base of the mountain in its shadow. This is the setting for an adventure story that changed Christmas forever.

All the proceeds from the book go to The Last Road Dog Animal Sanctuary


My Review


Fun Look at a Holiday Legend for Fantasy Adventure Fans. While this book is packed with fast-paced adventures, some dark storylines, and suspense--families of tweens and teens will love that it is an adventure that can be shared and enjoyed as a family. Even in a short story, the author does a beautiful job throwing in some surprises and tense action scenes that make it a page-turner. The characters find the resolution that the story needs to bring a happy ending and significance to the story.  


Perfect Story for Animal Lovers. Some of the darker, scarier scenes involve animals in this adventure--but the respect and compassion for animals and their human/animal relationships shine through from beginning to end. I especially love that proceeds from the book benefit an animal sanctuary.  


Would I Recommend The Great Tree: A Christmas Fable by Able Barnett? I love fantasy adventures, and this one is perfectly paced and well-set to tell a holiday story that families can enjoy together. I wouldn't recommend the book for younger children--but it is undoubtedly entertaining and suitable for tweens and teens, with a storyline that parents will love too. The author creates characters to love and a memorable story that is perfect for the holiday season!


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Meet the Author

Able Barrett is former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney and U.S. Department of Justice Organized Crime Strike Force Prosecutor. He is an avid animal lover and dedicated to the ethical treatment of all animals.  The Last Road Dog Animal Sanctuary  rescues dogs, cats, and horses The Last Road Dog is an Approved 501 (c)(3) Animal Public Welfare Charity.


For more information visit the website.   



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