2023 Word of the Year: Me

Several years ago, I began choosing a single word of the year to guide me through my year's goals and visions.  While I still set my large goals for the year (similar to New Year's Resolutions) and create a vision board along with action boards to break down the large goals, I find that I can often include all of my goals, in some way, within one single word or theme.  In 2018, I chose the word Mindful. In 2019, I chose Healing.  In 2020, my Word of the Year was GROW.  I skipped 2022--but, this year's word? 

In 2023, I am going with the simple word: Me.   

 How did I choose my word or theme of the year for 2023

Choosing a word or theme of the year involves answering a few basic questions.
What was missing from my life in 2022?

What does my life need more of in 2023? 

What goals do I prioritize higher than the rest in 2023?

 What is a one word resolution to guide me in meeting my goals this year? 

I have selected the word Me for the New Year.

Why have I chosen to make Me my 2023 Word of the Year? 

Choosing the word "Me" as my Word of the Year sounds more than a little selfish, doesn't it?  I guess it does. And, you know what?  I think that's okay.
It has taken me many years and more than a little soul searching to realize that I have lived my entire life for other people.  I have lived to please other people.  I have lived to raise and care for other people.  I have focused almost every hour of my day on efforts benefiting others.

Don't get me wrong--I am still going to be raising children.  I am still going to be helping my husband grow and run a business.  I am still going to be tending to a blind and deaf dog and a house full of pets. I will still volunteer.  I will still donate and help those in need.  The difference this year is that I will not give so much of my time effort and energies to others that there is nothing left for me.

My New Year goals have always included getting healthy.  That's a goal that really centers on me.  My weight, my physical, emotional, spiritual health are all really focused on me caring for me and my needs.  Unfortunately,  I tend to put all of my own wellness and self care needs aside and behind those of others. 

I make sure that the husband and the kids stay up to date with doctor's visits, dentist visits and have gym memberships and time and support dedicated for them to recover from illnesses or injuries.

I make sure that the kids have hair appointments (and, now that they are teens--they get eyebrows and nails done).  I make sure that clothes and shoes are up to date and flattering.

I make sure that everyone always has a cheerleader in their corner when stressors of school, work and life kick in.

What if I force myself to take care of me just a little bit this year?  What if I make time for self care and schedule personal development activities geared toward my goals and dreams?

I think working on ME may just make me a better person to fill my other roles.


 Tomorrow is not guaranteed and the days of our lives pass so quickly (even quicker after we pass that 40 year age marker!)

2023 is a new year--and I am going into this new year a much different person than the person I was this time last year.   I say this every year--but, I really feel different this year.

I feel tired.

I feel lost. 
This year, I desperately want to find me again.  
I have been lost in the shuffle of day to day life.
I think a little shift of the focus onto me is the needed first step toward every goal and dream on my vision board.

The last few years have taught me a lot about life--and loss--and a lot about myself.

Rather than seeing it as "starting over" (again)--I see 2023 as an opportunity to create a new path as a person and continue to become who I need to be.  
For me

Change begins with Me.  The only person that I can really change is Me.  
I just need to put in the work to make the changes that I can--and come to terms with the realities that I cannot change.  

What am I waiting for?

It is time to add a little bit of me back into my goals and dreams. 
 I can't go back and change the past.

I can wake up on a new day and create a brand new ending of my life story.

Have you chosen a word of the year? 

 We would love for your to share your word--or your most desired resolution!  

Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

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