Don't Skimp on These Details in Your Office Buildout

Setting up an office space for your business is a huge undertaking. From choosing the right location to selecting furniture and decor, there are a lot of decisions to make. It can be tempting to save money by skimping on specific details-but don't do it! Here are some essential details you need to pay attention to when building your company office.



Lighting is vital in any office space. Not only does it affect how everyone in the office feels, but it also affects productivity.


Natural light is always preferred, so make sure your new office has plenty of windows or skylights. If that isn't an option, consider investing in LED lighting fixtures with adjustable brightness settings.


That way, employees can control their own light levels without having to deal with harsh overhead fluorescents or too-dim sconces. Also, consider adding lamps for task lighting, which can help employees focus on particular tasks.



You may think that all doorways are created equal, but that isn't the case. Invest in durable commercial entry doors to ensure your office is secure and safe from intrusion.


These doors should be made of solid materials like steel or heavy-duty wood, with reinforced hinges and durable locksets. If you want to step up your security game, you can also add access control systems to limit who is able to enter the office.


Additionally, make sure all of your doorways are wide enough for bulky furniture and equipment to fit through easily. This will save time when moving things in and out of the office.



Ergonomic furniture might seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the cost of purchasing them upfront. Ergonomic chairs and desks help prevent posture issues and fatigue, which can lead to decreased productivity and more sick days taken by employees due to aches and pains caused by sitting for long periods of time in a non-ergonomic chair.


So be sure to invest in furniture that will keep your team comfortable as well as productive! For example, a chair with armrests and adjustable seat height, a sit-stand desk, or even a standing desk mat can all make a huge difference.


In addition, you should also consider investing in ergonomic accessories like a computer mouse and keyboard to ensure that your office is as comfortable as possible for everyone who works there.


No one wants to work in an environment where they're constantly distracted by noise from outside or other parts of the building. Make sure that your office space has soundproofed walls and ceilings so that everyone can focus on their tasks without interruption (and without having to wear noise-canceling headphones).


This will also ensure privacy between departments or conference rooms if needed! For instance, if you have an open-plan office, soundproofing can help keep conversations private instead of allowing everyone to hear what is being said.


Moreover, soundproofing is a great way to reduce echoes and amplify important sounds, such as those from the speakerphone in the conference room.



A modern workplace needs technology such as phones, computers, internet access, printers, or copiers, so make sure you have all these items taken care of before you move into your new space. These items should not be overlooked because they are essential for day-to-day operations within the company!


Investing in quality technology now will save time and money down the road when things inevitably break down or require maintenance or updates. For starters, make sure you have enough outlets around the office and that they are all correctly grounded.


Also, consider getting a unified communication system to streamline communications in the office and keep productivity high.



Lastly, don't forget about the decorations! While this may seem like an afterthought compared to things like ergonomics and soundproofing, adding embellishments such as plants or artwork can make all the difference in boosting employee morale - which ultimately leads to increased productivity within the company!


Choose pieces that reflect your company's values or mission statement. This will help foster team spirit and make visitors feel welcome when they enter your new office space.


These can range from framed artwork to inspirational quotes printed on canvas or posters to a few low-maintenance houseplants. Whatever you decide to add, make sure it's something that will bring positive energy and vibes into the office!


When planning a new office space for your business, don't forget these crucial details: lighting, doorways, ergonomics, soundproofing, technology, and decorations! Taking care of these items now will ensure that everyone who works in-or visits-your office is comfortable and productive. Plus, you won't have any unexpected expenses down the line due to neglecting something during construction!


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