Types of Homemade Dinnerware You Can Enjoy Making

Do you love pottery? I guess you do, and that is why you are here. There are numerous types of homemade dinnerware that anyone can make with little or advanced skills in pottery. Better still, you can involve your kids in making these items.


 The right pottery tools include a spinning wheel, wire cutting tool, sponges, a trimming loop, a table surface, and a kiln, among others. But apart from these, you also need a tutorial on making different homemade dinnerware, or visit a shop like Supper Club where makers come together to learn pottery.

With such a preparation, you can now make a variety of homemade dinnerware. This article will highlight the most popular items you can make with ease.


Dinner Plates

The most common dinnerware you can make at home is a dinner plate. With high-quality clay, a table surface, a roller, and a few other pottery tools, you can make a plate very fast. It involves rolling the clay, cutting it into the shape of a plate, and polishing it to your liking.

Thereafter, you can glaze the plate and bake it in a kiln for a recommended time. If you are creative, you can paint your dinner plates with patterns before baking them and even give them a unique textured finish with some other art skills


Dinner Platters

These are large dinnerware items used to serve salads and other food items at the table. If you have a big kiln to bake them and a daring spirit, you can mold and make platters with ease. They also use the same process as plates, but use other shapes such as oval, hexagon, rectangle, star, or any other.

You also need to glaze them for a great finish and ease of cleaning. So, be ready with all the needed materials to make perfect platters to add to your dinner collection.


Soup Bowls

It is an incredible thing to add bowls to your homemade dinnerware collection. Unlike plates, bowls require more skill because they use a spinning wheel. They also need the right clay to avoid losing shape when drying or during the making process.

However, you can still make bowls with a pottery tutorial and excellent learning skills. Glazing and burning in the oven are easy, especially if you have already tried these processes with other pottery items.


Other Dinnerware to Make

Apart from these three main dinnerware items, there are many others including salad plates, dessert plates, soup cups with handles, kettles, cups, and the like. Some are as easy as making dinner plates while others like a kettle are very detailed.

With great your current pottery skills, you can make any homemade dinnerware with ease and enjoy using them at home or giving them to your friends and relatives.



Homemade dinnerware takes time to make. The good thing is that you get better as you practice. Therefore, start with small and less complicated items if it is your first time and gradually progress to the more detailed dinner items. You will enjoy making pottery your go-to hobby.

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