5 Benefits of Living in Rockford, Illinois

Planning a move across the country or the state--or even across town--is a life event that causes stress and anxiety for families. You may be moving to a new city to begin a new career with a family in tow. You may be looking for a new forever home for your next stage of life as an empty nester--which we are beginning to do. No matter the reason, researching many cities and towns in an area of interest tops the list when considering a new home. We are currently looking at locations in Illinois and discovered Rockford. What are some benefits of living and working in Rockford, Illinois? 


Affordability. With housing and grocery prices jumping in many areas of the U.S. over the past few years, it is essential to research the affordability of a city you are interested in living. Rockford is an affordable place to live, with a lower cost of living than many other cities in Illinois. Housing prices for both buying and renting homes are significantly lower than average in Illinois. We are planning to move a business along with us too, so finding a Rockford Commercial Real Estate Professional tops our list as we begin to research affordable commercial properties in the city. 


Outdoor Recreation. Rockford, Illinois, is home to several parks, forests, and lakes, including Rock Cut State Park. The Forest Preserves of Winnebago County offer thousands of acres of outdoor space for recreational activitiesParks and recreational areas in the area offer loads of opportunities for hiking, fishing, and camping. The location along the river makes it an excellent spot for those interested in kayaking and water sports too.


Manufacturing Industry. For those moving to begin or advance in career adventures, Rockford, Illinois, has a strong manufacturing industry, with many job opportunities in aerospace, automotive, and healthcare manufacturing. If manufacturing is off your career path, the city offers a range of employment options in other fields, from education to the service industry. The city's BusinessFirst organization helps small businesses and entrepreneurs get off on the right foot in the city too. 


Cultural Attractions. Rockford, Illinois, has a vibrant arts and music scene, with several cultural attractions like the Burpee Museum of Natural History and the Coronado Performing Arts Center. Family-friendly museums and historical sites like the Macktown Living History Education Center make finding an educational outing easy. Additionally, live music, sporting events, and public art events are scheduled regularly throughout the city.  


Weather: Rockford experiences four distinct seasons, with hot summers and cold winters. While the winters may be cold (and even a little windy), they offer an opportunity for an assortment of winter weather recreation--and snow for the holidays. Anyone who has visited Northern Illinois and Chicago knows how wonderful the weather can be in the warmer months, especially on the river or the lake!   

These are just a few highlights of living and working in Rockford, Illinois. I should have mentioned the variety of available restaurants or that 80's rock band Cheap Trick has a fan trail there since it is their hometown! If you are considering a move to Northern Illinois or looking for the top commercial properties for sale in Rockford, these highlights may, at least, give your research a starting point!

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