Self Help Memoir Review: How Did I Get Here? Traveling the Road to Resilience by Andrew Fitzgerald

I have said it many times, and if you visit my posts you know that: I love memoirs. I love life stories--especially those inspirational, motivational, relatable stories of overcoming challenges and obstacles. Today, I have an inspiriring memoir from author and speaker Andrew Fitzgerald. Check out How Did I Get Here, read my thoughts on the book, learn about the author and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Book Title:  How Did I Get Here? -Traveling The Road To Resilience by Andrew Fitzgerald
CategoryAdult Non-Fiction (18+), 208 pages
GenreMemoir / Self-Help / Inspirational
Publisher: Fitzy's Branded Books
Publication Date: Feb, 2023
Content Rating: G - For Everyone and no bad language or explicit scenes


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About the Book


As he woke up after dying for the second time, Andrew Fitzgerald asked himself, “How did I get here?”

As he and his wife left Ireland and stepped foot on American soil to begin their lives in the US, he asked himself, “How did I get here?”

As his wife delivered their baby after four miscarriages, he asked himself, “How did I get here?”

As he sat in a customer sales meeting and negotiated the new listing, authorizations, and launch for what is now the no.1 Hard Seltzer in the USA, he asked himself, "How did I get here?"

As he stood on the first tee about to play golf with one of his sporting heroes and a three-time major champion, he asked himself, “How did I get here?”

As he sat in a board room meeting, asserted himself, and rebuked some negative assertions about him, he asked himself, “How did I get here?”

In this poignant memoir about resilience, Andrew Fitzgerald shares his story of immigrating from Ireland to America, only to return to Ireland, and then back to America for good. He explores his struggles with health crises, corporate culture, miscarriage grief, and adapting to his new country.

You’ll follow Andrew’s story as he shares his key learnings from the highs and lows of his journey, such as:
  • Talk about your challenging experiences; find someone to help you process your feelings
  • Follow your dreams; know they’re right for you no matter how they sound to others
  • Give yourself time to adjust; when making big life changes avoid running back to what was comfortable
  • Be true to your values; define what your values are and stick to them
  • Learn to trust; trust yourself, have confidence and don't forget your purpose in everything you do
  • Negotiate in partnership; practice techniques that are customer-centric and deliver a win/win for your customer and company
  • Celebrate success; you deserve it

Andrew will affirm and demonstrate in his book that the journey is just as important as the destination, with the stark realization that the journey filled with highs and lows is sometimes more fulfilling than the destination. So come with Andrew on this journey to learn how he overcame the various obstacles in his life, flourished, and ultimately traveled the road to resilience a key trait you too can develop in your personal and business life.

​Resilience is for everyone.....Are you ready?
My Review

How Did I Get Here is an Inspirational, Relatable, Look at Life. While I have not had the same experiences Andrew Fitzgerald shares in his book, I can still relate to challenges in similar life areas and find inspiration in his efforts and resilience. Readers will find his memories and experiences mixed into the different life "sections" and topics he discusses. The author's easy-to-read writing style conveys a very encouraging, positive tone to his story. I found "How Did I Get Here?" the perfect title to express my own life questions and self-reflection these days! 


How Did I Get Here is Inspirational for Both Work or Personal Life Challenges. The author tackles a few life areas in this memoir. Much of his story and advice can be applied to both personal and professional challenges as he looks at grief and loss, health, career, and significant life changes like emigration. I am not likely moving to another country to begin a new life--but I could still appreciate the author's experiences and stories as he detailed his paths toward success. 


Would I Recommend How Did I Get Here by Andrew Fitzgerald? Sometimes you find just the book at the perfect time for a needed situation. We all face challenges and obstacles in life. We also have to try to find the strength and resilience to overcome those obstacles (or at least keep trying to overcome them!) I loved Fitzgerald's story and the open, honest way he presented his personal journey. For readers facing unique challenges, this is an excellent look at meeting the curve balls and upsets of life and the perseverance needed to achieve goals and pursue dreams.

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Meet the Author
Andrew Fitzgerald is a native of Ireland and now resides in Oceanside, California. A father, husband, and author, he speaks on what it takes to be successful in the corporate world, and how to overcome health crises and loss. He has recovered from serious setbacks to flourish and thrive with resilience. Andrew enjoys all sports, plays golf, and loves to cook and hike when he is not thinking about the next big brand launch.

connect with the author: website twitter linkedin ~ instagram 
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