Book Review Spotlight: Lose it For The Last Time by Amy Newman Shapiro

This morning, I have a weight loss self help book in our book review spotlight! Check out Lose it For the Last Time, read my thoughts on the book and learn about author Amy Newman Shapiro. Be sure to check out the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Book Title:  Lose It For The Last Time 2nd Edition by Amy Newman Shapiro
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 240 pages
GenreWeight Loss, Nutrition, Healthy Living, Self Help, 
Publisher:  Snewman Media
Release date:  November 2022
Content Rating:  G for no inappropriate language, no violence, no sex.


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About the Book

When it comes to losing and keeping off the pounds, Amy Shapiro knows what works, what doesn’t, and why.

​In her completely revised and updated edition of LOSE IT FOR THE LAST TIME she incorporates the latest scientific research that has advanced our understanding of why we gain weight and the best practices for taking it off —for good. In addition, she introduces us to the technology that has changed how we exercise and track physical activity with tips on using it to our best advantage.

This new edition contains the same easy-to-follow plan for permanent and healthy weight loss that Amy has used successfully for many years in her private practice to help people like you win the constant battle against losing weight and gaining it back. She shares her secrets for successfully making small, sensible lifestyle changes, along with strategies for using a non-diet approach to lose weight.

Amy will make your dream of long-term weight loss a reality by:
  • Helping you lose weight in a nonrestrictive way that makes it easier to keep it off
  • Offering surprising, simple substitutes for replacing habits and behaviors that pack on the pounds
  • Showing how it's possible to eat fewer calories without going hungry or depriving yourself of the foods you love
  • Explaining how to dine out and enjoy party and holiday food without gaining weight
  • Demonstrating how to make exercise a part of your life without joining a gym or playing a sport
  • Providing practical, easy-to-live-with suggestions and techniques for staying motivated and focused on long-term success
  • Teaching you how to set realistic, measurable, and doable weekly goals
It’s time to get healthy and lose weight for the last time and stop yo-yo dieting and the health risks that come with it. Here are the answers for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight so you can experience the real health benefits of permanent weight loss.
My Review

Lose it For the Last Time Offers a Different View of Diet. I will admit that I rolled my eyes as I agreed to view (another) weight loss/self-help book. Like so many women, I have watched habits, lifestyle, hormones, age, and illness create a never-ending cycle of weight fluctuations during my own life. I have tried a variety of diet "plans" and quick-fix fads--and have found myself on the string of yo-yo weight loss/weight gain patterns. This self-help book is different. It examines some of the real reasons why diets fail. Then, it encourages readers to explore their relationships with food and view healthy weight as a full-scale, permanent, long-term lifestyle plan rather than a quick-fix diet.


The Author Delves into the Psychology of Food Habits. This book really takes readers on a lifestyle-changing journey of understanding and identifying their good (and bad) food habits and motivations for weight loss. As the book progresses, readers find weekly goals and homework to help them design a personal weight loss journey that fits their needs. Readers should expect to complete the questions, journal prompts, weekly activities, and goals suggestions to get the most out of this book. A workbook accompanying this guide would be perfect for giving readers a dedicated space to complete food logs and answer some of the guiding questions presented in the book. From understanding why we eat (and overeat) to facing some of the social aspects of food and even considering our healthy lifestyle support system, this book's tone leads readers toward a practical understanding of food and exercise as part of a more extensive lifestyle roadmap.


Would I Recommend Lose it For the Last Time by Amy Newman Shapiro? I love the ideas, tips, and suggestions provided in this book. With an easy-to-understand writing style, the author offers suggestions for readers to develop a long-term and sustainable relationship with healthy living. I would suggest that readers take advantage of the prompts and homework, devote time, and work toward creating the proposed journals, logs, and answers to the guiding questions. I recommend this book as a resource to repeatedly reference as weight loss motivations and goals are reached or changed.


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Meet the Author

Amy Newman Shapiro RDN, CDN, RYT200 is a registered dietitian, nutritionist. She holds degrees in both psychology and nutrition and is a certified personal trainer and a certified yoga instructor. As a professional speaker Amy promotes wellness in corporate, clinical, and private settings. She also offers wellness coaching and integrative and functional nutrition in her private practice based in Long Island, New York, where she and her husband reside. This is her fourth book.

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