Children's Book Review: Soso and the Kako Leaf by Bella Disu

I love finding new children's books to share with our readers! Today, I have a fantasy adventure that explores a bit of the Yoruba language and culture and teaches some real-world lessons with its fantasy-world-like adventure. Check out Soso and the Kako Leaf, read my thoughts on the book and learn about author Bella Disu.


Book Title:  Soso and The Kako Leaf by Bella Disu
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 6-12),  78 pages
Genre:  Children's Book
Publisher:  The Good Work Company
Release date:   June 19, 2022
Content Rating:  G. Children's Book.


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About the Book

Follow the life of young Soso as she encounters mysteries and unearths traditions that have existed long before she was born. Be part of her adventures as she gains confidence, self-esteem, and an understanding of her deep cultural heritage.
My Review

Soso's Adventure is Both Entertaining and Educational. Young readers will learn a bit about the Yoruba culture as Soso's character gets lost in a garden, finds her destiny, and gains self-confidence along the way. Reading like a mysterious fantasy adventure, it shares some traditional ideas and language of Soso's ancestors. Readers will learn about Soso's world and some important life lessons about self-confidence and courage.


The Illustrations Transport Readers into Soso's Story. The illustrations share many of the emotions and details of Soso's adventure. Readers will find large, lovely, expressive, full images depicting the upcoming pages' text before reading the words explaining the story. Initially, this illustration placement was awkward for readers since it didn't feel that the illustrations matched the story as it progressed. Once we fell into this pattern, we read the book with the realization that many illustrations showed the next stage of the story. We could discuss what we thought would happen from the pictures before reading on to fill in the gaps in our ideas.  


Would I Recommend Soso and the Kako Leaf? I enjoyed Soso's character and her story. I would love to read more adventures with Soso as the story was an excellent cultural introduction and a valuable life lesson for readers in the target age group. It is a long story better suited to older elementary-aged readers or used as a group or family storytime. I recommend that parents or caregivers read the book first to make the most of its discussion opportunities. If you enjoy children's books that open the door to cultural exploration and life lesson learning--this is a lovely story for your summer reading list.

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Meet the Author

​Bella Disu is a mother of two wonderful children. She is an enthusiastic lover of art as well as an avid reader. From a young age, she has been enamoured with rich cultural folktales. Now, she channels her love for art and her passion for reading into writing stories. Her stories use new forms to pass on the tales she heard growing up to the next generation.

Bella is also a renowned business leader who is committed to corporate governance and business innovation. In December 2019, she became the youngest ever recipient of the French National Honor - Chevalier dans L'ordre des Arts et des Lettres in recognition of her efforts at promoting French culture in Nigeria.

She is married and lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with her family.

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