Carole P. Roman Adds to her If You Were Me and Lived In....Series with Scotland and Hungary {& A Giveaway}

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We look forward to family travel in our little corner of the world.  There are so many new places and spaces to explore both far and near!  Books offer so much inspiration for our daughters to explore the world--and that is why books like Carole P. Roman's If You Were Me and Lived In....series are so wonderful for families! 

Through Roman's series; we are able to introduce children to our world's cultures in a quick, easy to read, short story format.  Roman's series recently grew to include Scotland and Hungary--and we are excited to again share this growing series with our readers.  We would also like to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win 5 books from the If You Were Me and Lived in....series!  Simply enter to win at the end of this post!

Note: We received complimentary copies of books within this series for use in reviews. All opinions are our own. 

Quick Summary of If You Were Me and Lived in... series by Carole P. Roman. The world is getting smaller, thanks to speedy travel and Internet connectivity. As the increasingly global, multicultural environment takes hold, Carole P. Roman, a former social studies teacher and travel buff, presents a series of books that open up exotic countries, such as India, France and South Korea, to children.  Roman takes kids on a virtual excursion, with cultural information that will captivate children from 3-to-8-years old and beyond. Children will discover popular foods, holidays, activities and landmarks. Other information the book introduces includes the capital, currency and even some common children's names within each country.

What do we love about the If You Were Me and Lived In...series from Carole P. Roman?  We reviewed If you Were Me and Lived in...India and were "hooked" on the series.   These books offer simple, basic introductions to countries around the world.  The material is presented in a kid-friendly fashion that offers just enough detail to inspire further research and exploration.  The author mentions a food (such as cullen shink in her Scotland edition)--or a game or regional story or myth--and my girls want to learn more about the new words. 

Would I recommend If You Were Me and Lived in … books by Carole P. Roman?  I adore this series.  The books are simple and easy to read--but, are loaded with information and inspiration for further learning.  Each book follows a similar format as children are introduced to the new country--making it fun to compare the details from different countries.  I would certainly recommend this book for families with younger children or even teachers beginning a study unit on world cultures or specific nations.  These books are written perfectly for the preschool/early elementary audience and are sure to encourage further exploration.  

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Award-winning author Carole P. Roman adds another country to her groundbreaking series of children’s cultural education books. The series includes If You Were Me and Lived in … Mexico, which was awarded the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs Pinnacle Award for Best in Children’s Interest in 2013. Roman lives with her husband, near to her children and grandchildren, in Long Island, N.Y.

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