5 Tips for Holiday Tech Shopping

Do you need some helpful tips for holiday electronic, gadget or tech shopping this year? If tech gifts top the wish lists of your family and friends, as they do in my personal mama’s world, you are not alone this holiday season! Feeling a little nervous about shopping for high tech gifts and gadgets? There are a few tips that will help even the least technologically abled gift giver find the perfect holiday tech gift with ease and confidence.

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Get the gift specifics at the start. You may know that your sister wants an eReader—but, you’ll need a little more information to make sure that you get her the best gift to suit both her needs and your budget. Does she plan to access the web with it? Does she have a preference of other features such as color or size? Has she already chosen a favorite brand? Try to get as many specific details about a gift as possible to avoid wasting your effort on a gift that does not meet the recipient’s needs or expectations.

Figure out what you do not know.  Electronic or techie gifts are accompanied by tech terms—which can seem like a foreign language if they are unfamiliar. Visit a retail website such as and read through the product descriptions and technical specifications. If you are lost as to how those technical specification compare to other products or other brands—it’s time to do some research. Head to the internet and look up definitions and learn how to compare tech products effectively.

Research and ask questions. Once you have a basic understanding of the terms and jargon—research the specific product type that you seek to purchase and look for brand recommendations. Try viewing sites like Consumer Reports or PC Magazine for in depth reviews and expert picks. Head to a brick and mortar electronics department and ask for advice—see if the live tech salesperson shares the opinions of the online reviewers or can shed light in a new angle!

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Comparison shop and take advantage of savings apps. While many stores may stock a specific brand or model of an electronic gift, they may also offer up some drastically different prices. Visit online shopping comparison sites like PriceGrabber or  to compare the price of the item at a variety of stores.  Additionally, earn rebates from savings sites and apps like Ebates and Ibotta.  These sites frequently offer special coupons and product specific rebates from a variety of electronic vendors and retailers.

Selectively choose your final purchase. Do not forget that during the holidays, most retail stores have great sales on electronics and tech gifts, so do not be too quick with the mouse purchases! With an idea of pricing in mind from your online research, scan through sale circulars and visit a store such as Staples to check out any “in store only” sales or rebates available for your purchase.

Successful holiday tech shopping can be easy to accomplish with just a little planning and preparation! Hopefully these tips help you buy your favorite “techies” gifts with confidence!

*I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Staples blogging program, making me eligible for a $50 gift card.

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