Kitty with Feline Leukemia Needs Forever Home

A kitty with feline leukemia has crossed paths with Mama’s World—and we would love to be able to offer the little guy a safe and happy forever home for the rest of his 9 lives. Maybe you could help?

When I took the Thompson family’s latest stray cat addition, Fluffy D’Tail, to the vet two years ago for his initial checkup and vaccines, the vet’s first order of business was to test Sir Fluffy D for feline leukemia. At the time, I was only vaguely familiar with the virus. I knew that most shelters refused cats with the illness—and that most vets recommended that they be put down if infected, but, I had not had any personal experience. Fluffy received a clean bill of health and I put away the FLV/FIV terms into the recesses of my mind without another thought—until September.

In September, another cat rescuer, my aunt, adopted a starving, stray Tiger—a gorgeous, sweet, fun loving cat in need of a home. On Tiger’s first vet visit, his FLV/FIV tests came back positive—and his newly adopted parents have been faced with a heart wrenching decision since.

Of course, the vet’s suggestion was that Tiger be put down. That was just not a decision that his new parents were ready to accept. They embarked on an effort to find Tiger a home without other healthy kitties. See, Tiger’s new family has three healthy, non-exposed cats to which he currently must be isolated….and that isolation also means that he’s spending too much time alone as well.

Animal shelters and even FIV/FLV specific groups have not yet been of help as most turn away infected cats. Tiger’s parents would love to be able to place him in either a one cat home or with a family of other FLV/FIV positive cats—but they are having great difficulty finding a new family for him.

Leave me a comment or send me an email if you or someone you know would be willing to adopt Tiger—or if you have suggestions or ideas!

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