Revisit Couple Time at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls in Ohio’s Hocking Hills

Scene from Nearby Hocking Hills' Old Man's Cave
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Recently, my husband and I were invited to spend four days in the beautiful Hocking Hills area of Eastern Ohio as part of a travel writers/media tour. With two careers and three very active girls, it had been a long time since we had taken even a business trip alone together without those three busy ladies—or the crazy foxhound that I so often speak of! Yes, we know the importance of maintaining that elusive couple time, but, like many parents, we find ourselves bogged down with work obligations and family extracurricular activities. Our trip to the Hocking Hills and the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls proved that couple time may not be as elusive as we think. Instead, it can often be found right in our own backyards—or, in our case, only an hour away from our home near Columbus, Ohio.

Ellen Grinsfelder and Terry Lingo, the fabulous Innkeepers at the tranquil and welcoming Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls served as our first hosts during out Hocking Hills’ trip—offering a secluded cottage, breakfasts, and an amazing evening meal, as well as a wine and beer tasting at the Inn’s restaurant and Gathering Place. We soon discovered why guests find themselves drawn to the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls year after year!

Within ten minutes of talking with Innkeeper Ellen, we found ourselves discussing not only the many (apparently invalid)reasons why we have never spent more than a few hours in Hocking Hills—but, also our eldest daughter’s musical aspirations with the cello and our middle daughter’s Irish dance competitions. Later in the evening, my husband and Mr. Lingo found themselves sharing mushroom hunting stories and fried mushroom batter recipes. We felt like we were simply sharing time with old friends—not meeting strangers for the first time. We were immediately welcomed—not simply visitors. It was if the innkeepers expected to see us again—and I expect they will.

With all of the wonderful Inns and amazing locations to which we have the opportunity to travel, why would we choose one only an hour from home? The hosts, the service, the food, the amenities, and the location were phenomenal. My only reasons for planning a return visit? No.

Let me explain. When we unlocked our cottage and stepped inside to explore, my husband immediately noticed that a few things were missing. No television? No telephone? Immediately, he pulled out his cell phone.

Nope. No service.

As a writer, I am constantly “connected”. Why did I enjoy this so much? For the first time, in a long time, I was able to “unplug” in our cottage, take a break from distractions, and talk to my husband without competing with the television, an OSU game or work emails--once we remembered some non-work, non-child, non sports, non-to-do-list topics to discuss! I will admit that we did visit the Gathering Area and the Common Room at the main Inn to connect to the internet there and catch up—and my husband’s cell phone did have service at random locations throughout the property—but, it was nice to enjoy a quiet night with uninterrupted conversation—and only the sounds of a random bird or scurrying critter in the woods. In fact, once we returned home, it was two full days before the television was used—and several hours before we caught up on work emails.

Take home lessons from my trip to the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls? (1) Couple time must find its way to the top of your to-do list. (2) Explore your local area—you won’t believe what you have been missing! (3) You do not need to travel around the world to reconnect and refocus, but, if you would like to visit the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls and Ohio's Hocking Hills from another part of the world, I would highly recommend it!

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