5 Little Switches to Make a Difference in my Life

Does your life need a few positive changes? Sometimes dramatic results are sparked from small little things that are hardly noticed by those around us. I was inspired by Cottonelle and Social Moms to consider how I would make little switches in my daily routine to yield my own personal life results. What could I do to to improve the Thompson path?

Taking the time to say I love you—just because. I don’t know why something so natural and heartfelt seems to take so much time and effort—especially as the girls grow older. If I could add four I love you’s, for each of the girls and husband, to my morning, afternoon and evening—I think that one little switch could make a huge difference in my day.

Sharing one daily meal together. Growing up, I always sat down to dinner as a family. Today dinner is me with the girls at best—while Chris is at work—or the girls and I sharing a picnic in the car enroute to dance class or a soccer practice. Sharing a meal a day—even if it’s breakfast may keep the family on a more connected pace.

Taking the time to share interests. Even as involved as I am with my daughters, they were recently amazed to learn that I could embroider. I was taught by my grandmother—and rarely take the time to do it as a hobby. I need to take the time to share those interests, and passed down talents, onto them—before I forget or they move on!

Family movie nights do have value. I remember many nights, sitting in front of the one household television, watching Full House or Family Matters or some other late ‘80s early ‘90s tv show with my parents. Later, Dad had to sacrifice his dignity to sit through Lifetime movies and such--but we still watched television together--as a family. Taking in the occasional family movie—or sacrificing CNN for a regular sitcom may not be such a difficult small switch to enact. I think we would all benefit from the down-time!

Ending the day with a smile is a nice little switch. Taking a few minutes, with each of my children and husband, to end the day with a laugh and smile about something positive from the day’s many ups and downs would make for a much beter end of the day. The one little switch—while some days requiring thought—is a simple way to concentrate on the positives even when life is bringing out some negative vibes!

Are you looking to add a few simple switches to your life—and create a larger impact? You don’t have to make drastic changes—sometimes the smallest of things pack the largest punch in the grand scheme of things!

Disclaimer:I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Cottonelle blogging program, for a gift card worth $25. For more information on how you can participate, click here As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own—and are not influenced by sponsorships or offers.

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  1. We love family movie nights! I know of a family that does family reading nights. The kids get to stay up late, have candy & soda and read books. I love making reading special like that. One way I was thinking of making a difference in my life (and my kids) is to slow down and enjoy them. Too often I get frustrated when my goals are blocked or they are not cooperating, when the reality is, before I know it they'll be grown and I'll be missing this precious time. My current best example: bedtime routine. I dread brushing my toddler's teeth because he is so resistive. (Found some helpful tips on this Mom's Guide: Before I know it, though, he'll be independent. That will be bittersweet. Thanks for your post.



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