Blue II the Butler University Mascot: A Senior English Bulldog in the NCAA Championship Game

Have you seen Butler University’s handsome mascot? No, Blue II is not a junior dressed up in an overheated, mascot suit—but, he is a senior. A 7 year old, senior English bulldog put into the 2011 NCAA Championship spotlight as his home school Butler University takes on Connecticut in the national men’s college basketball championship. Who is this NCAA Mascot in the spotlight?

Who is Blue II? Blue II is a seven year old, English bulldog that serves as the prestigious mascot for the men’s Butler University mascot. He was born, according to his blog, on 3/27/2004. Butler Blue II is a 60 plus lb. English bulldog in his 7th year as Butler University’s tough mascot.

Will Blue II be in Attendance for the NCAA Championship games? While Blue II was banned from appearance in earlier NCAA tournament action—he is slated to appear in the grand finale. After sparking Twitter hash tag #FreeButlerBlue2 that garnered national attention for Blue II’s live animal banning from arena action—Blue II is set to rally on the team in the final action. In case you are wondering, Blue II has thousands of Twitter followers—with the numbers growing daily. If you are interested in following the canine sensation, check him out at @butlerblue2

It’s almost game time—and most of us have already tossed out those losing March Madness brackets. Will you be rooting for Butler or UConn—or will you just be watching the game for a few glimpses of Blue II?

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