Kraft Cooking Crème Review

Have you tried the new Kraft’s Philadelphia Cooking Crème? The latest creation from Kraft combines the creamy, richness of Philadelphia Cream Cheese with special spice preparations—making it a quick and easy to use dinner time ingredient. The product is available in four varieties: Italian Cheese and Herb, Santa Fe Blend, Savory Garlic and Original. I was given a free coupon to review Philadelphia Cooking Crème from Kraft’s First Taste program.

I chose the Savory Garlic variety as I was not sure how the week’s meal options would shake out—and it seemed the most versatile. When I review a product in the kitchen, I consider three main factors: Price, Ease of Use, and Quality. How would I rate Kraft’s Philadelphia Cooking Crème?

Price. Kraft’s Philadelphia Cooking Crème is a little pricey. In my local grocery store, the product retails for $3.99—it was on sale at the time of my purchase for $2.99 for the 10 oz. container. It is a little expensive, but coupons seem readily available.

Is Kraft Cooking Crème easy to use? If you have ever waited, not so patiently, for regular cream cheese to soften so that spices or ingredients may be added—or for cream cheese to melt well during cooking—you will certainly appreciate the easy to use Philadelphia Cooking Crème. It is soft, easy to spoon, easy to melt—and, as in the case of the savory garlic variety, already seasoned for use in recipes. Both the container and the Kraft Philly Website have a number of recipe ideas.

Does Kraft Cooking Crème pass the Quality test? The most important aspects of food products are taste and freshness. The containers of Philadelphia Cooking Crème at my local store all had a fairly long refrigerator shelf life—making it easier to buy it on sale and save for later use. I read through recipe ideas—and then, in true Mama’s World fashion, combined a few things and created my own creation. I was initially afraid the garlic would be a little overpowering for the little girls—but, the Creamy Garlic Chicken and Broccoli Linguine that I created was a hit.

Final thoughts on Kraft Cooking Crème? I would likely be buying the product on sale with a hefty coupon in the future—but would certainly buy it again—and will be trying the other varieties as well. While it was easy to use and turned out great in my recipe, I am not likely to spend full price for the product convenience—but, that could be blamed on my odd habit of choosing to spend hours in the kitchen on meals! All in all, Kraft’s Philadelphia Cooking Crème was a great product find and I would encourage you to check it out!

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