Kroger Private Selection Appetizers, Pizza and Dessert Review

A Mama's Corner of the World recently had the opportunity to review Kroger Private Selection products.  We thought that New Years Eve would be the perfect time to try out a few new Kroger Private Selection options.  We chose to review a Private Selection Barbecue Chicken Pizza, a Mediterranean-Inspired Hors d'oeuvres Collection, and a Blueberry Peach Panna Cotta for dessert.

How did Kroger Private Selection products stand up to a review in A Mama's Corner of the World? 

Kroger Private Selection Barbeque Chicken Marble Hearth Baked Pizza.  We have had the pleasure of sampling foods from a variety of restaurants over the years--and I can honestly say that the Kroger Private Selection Barbeque Chicken Pizza was comparable to many of the restaurant versions of the dish that we've tried.  The instructions worked perfectly and the temperature settings create a perfect pizza.  The pizza was topped with chunks of white meat chicken, bacon, red onion and mix of cheeses on a flatbread crust.  The flavors were perfect and the sweet, tangy barbecue sauce was offered in just the right amount.  The only downside of the pizza was the price tag.  I'll admit, it's a bit pricey at $7.99--but, for a bake-at-home, specialty pizza of this quality I would be willing to pay that again.  It was literally just as flavorful as most of the restaurant barbeque chicken pizzas that I have had in the past.

Kroger Private Selection Mediterranean-Inspired Hors d'oeuvres Collection.   Kroger Private Selection Mediterranean inspired appetizers yielded a little bit of a mixed review.  I was really surprised that the frozen appetizers in one box required different cooking times... that made the cooking a little bit awkward and inconvenient--and I probably wouldn't buy a combination like that again.  It wasn't difficult to prepare them--and it would have been acceptable if I were making several boxes of the appetizers--but I found it awkward for a one-box preparation. How did they taste?  The spinach stuffed pastries, which required longer cooking times than the other items in the appetizer selection, were nice and flaky and I was really glad to find an appropriate amount of filling for the crust.  Spinach and walnuts can sometimes be a bit overpowering.  These were just right.  Our youngest daughter really liked the sun dried tomato and pesto rolls--but, I felt like they needed something more in the filling.  They cooked well and tasted great--but, were not the "special" offerings for which I had hoped.  Our overall favorite was the portobello mushroom triangles.  The beefy mushrooms created almost a hearty, pot-pie presence in a meatless, bite sized pastry shell.  I would buy these appetizers again--but, would opt for individual offerings rather than combinations--unless I was preparing several boxes and could pull out a full sheet of spinach puffs followed by full sheets of the other two varieties.

Kroger Private Selection Blueberry Peach Panna Cotta.  Rarely am I unable to find a fault or an improvement for an item that I review--but, that was not the case with Kroger Private Selection Panna Cotta.  I followed the normal thawing directions--but did need to slip a thin knife around the edges of the panna cotta container to release them--and they turned out perfectly.  I am not a fan of frozen desserts because they generally taste like frozen desserts.  That was not the case at all with Kroger Private Selection Panna Cotta.  My husband actually thought that I had made them from scratch because the blueberries tasted so fresh.  I would certainly buy these again for last minute dinner party desserts.  They were amazing.

For more information on the items reviewed here, visit the Kroger Company and Kroger Private Selections.

Disclosure:  I received vouchers to obtain free samples of each item reviewed through my affiliation with BzzAgent for this review.  As always, all of my opinions--both good and bad--are my own and are in no way influenced by the brand or affiliation sponsoring the review.

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