R&R 911

Guest post written by Derick Burks

I knew this feeling all too well. I was totally burned out on the everyday race of just living life. Corralling children and hosting dinners on top of writing and holiday travel had me worn down to a nub. I feel like this every January and knew it was time to escape it all. I logged onto Humble wireless internet and found a little bed and breakfast in a city my husband and I adore and booked a two night stay without even blinking. I already felt better. I also booked some dinner reservations and theatre seats while I was checking out all the city had to offer. Man was I itching for some fun. My husband was going to be so surprised I had planned all this out and even lined up the grandparents as sitters to boot. This was going to be the boost I needed to get my head clear and get me on track to enjoy my daily routine again. Change is good, even if it’s just a temporary bed and breakfast pampering weekend!


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