5 Best Storage Boxes, Cases and Organizers for Nintendo DS Games and Systems

Are those super tiny (and expensive) Nintendo DS games getting lost, broken—or are the games and boxes simply taking over the house? According to the kids, there is nothing worse than not being able to find a favorite game at a specific time. For mom and dad—there is nothing worse than finding a chewed and mangled DS game near the dog’s other favorite chew toys. (RIP Spongebob game.) While the Nintendo DS game boxes certainly double as storage units—many younger children have a hard time returning or removing the games from the boxes—leaving the boxes empty and games scattered about. What are some of our favorite Nintendo DS game storage boxes, cases and organizers?

Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case. This hard sided case holds 24 Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS games and an SD card—making it a great option for those with a lot of games. The case is officially licensed by Nintendo and is available in Black, Clear and Blue. The storage device holds games in much the same way as the clips inside game boxes—so if those games boxes give your child difficulty, this case may not be easiest for the little ones to operate without help. The Nintendo game storage case is small (about the size of the game system) and is easy to store in a compact space or backpack—making it a great way to get rid of stacks and towers of game boxes. Since the games are mostly visible through even the colored cases—this system doesn’t require additional labeling.

CTA Digital Nintendo 3DS Cartridge Storage Solution Box. The design and functionality of this storage solution box is similar to the Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case. The CTA Digital Nintendo 3DS Cartridge Storage Solution Box holds 22 games—and has room for two SD cards and two retractable stylus pens (another thing that easily disappears in our house). While the plastic is not as sturdy—or flawless—as in the more expensive, licensed cases—the unit is perfectly functional for basic Nintendo game storage needs.

Nintendo 3DS Pull and Go Folio. For those who like all-in-one storage cases made for travel, this licensed Nintendo folio style case fits the bill well. It works with Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and 3DS systems and games. The zippered, folio style case holds up to 29 games—as well as the game system and a stylus pen. The folio is available in a variety of colors and has easy to use storage pockets for games.

Nintendo Official Elite Transporter Case. This all-in-one storage case is my favorite. It’s a Nintendo licensed nylon bag with an easy grab and go handle and shoulder strap. The bag holds up to 2 game systems, 20 Nintendo games and extra stylus pens. There is also extra storage space for accessories like chargers. I love all-in-one storage cases that are easy for the kids to manage--especially for use during travel, in waiting rooms, or on rushed evenings. It’s available in multiple colors—even pink.

Game Chamber Storage System for Nintendo DS. This hard plastic storage case for Nintendo DS games is a unique option from the others. It only holds eight Nintendo DS games—which makes it rather impractical for those with several DS games to store. Why do we like this storage case? The Game Chamber Storage System has a locking mechanism that allows the kids to only remove one game at a time—in other words, a game must be returned to the unit before another game can be removed. On the downside, the storage case is a bit difficult to turn and operate so the kids may need help. It is a neat, small scale Nintendo game storage system that helps teach children to pick up and put away toys as well.

These storage cases are just one way to return a little organization and peace of mind to your corner of the world--they certainly help here in our corner of the world. Many of us are sometimes discouraged by the cost of storage cases and devices--but, if the case protects just one Nintendo DS game, it has more than paid for itself in the end!

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