Mattel Launches Power of Play Initiative

Some of my favorite toys and games as a child were Mattel toys.  I still have most of my original Barbie dolls—and my own daughters have incorporated them into their collections over the years.  It only seems natural that a company so dedicated to fostering play time experiences in children for decades also be dedicated to positive philanthropic efforts impacting children worldwide.  I was recently offered the opportunity to take a closer look at Mattel—and, while I knew that the company was involved in serving children via charitable activities—I was impressed at the efforts taken.  Recently, Mattel partnered with Playworks in a wonderful new Power of Play initiative.
What is Power of Play?  Unfortunately, while most everyone, whether a parent or not, understands the importance of positive playtime for children—there are too many children growing up without such opportunities for beneficial play.  A number of children actually struggle to play with others because they lack the skills that parents once considered natural.  Through Power of Play, Mattel and Playworks hope to return playtime to the playground and beyond through education, mentoring and programs geared toward successful play. 

Do you know a child (or parent) who would benefit from The Power of Play?  Play time after school is no longer a given.  Children are faced with lots of responsibilities today!  From school expectations to extracurricular activities—children have pretty booked schedules.  For the most part, the days where children played unsupervised outdoors for hours on end have disappeared.  Parents are concerned about all too realistic safety risks—and kids are either too busy or are technologically addicted to screens, monitors and keypads!  The Power of Play video below offers some great tips (and eye openers) for both parents and kids.   

I would encourage you to return play to your child’s life—the benefits are enormous and really do hold life long significance.  Check out this downloadable Play Tip coloringsheet from Mattel as well .  Color it with the kids—and take some time to really talk about play time and find ways to return play time to your family.

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Disclosure:  I received compensation from Mattel through a partnership with MomSelect for this informational post.  As always, I only post about products, services and community campaigns for which I hold personal beliefs and support.
Photo Credit:  Playground Hopscotch Snake

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