A Mama’s Corner of the World Joins Meatless Monday

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Did you know that simply cutting meat from your family’s meal plan only one day a week can help reduce your risk of chronic medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity? For those concerned about the environment, going meatless for just one day per week helps reduce your family’s carbon footprint and conserve valuable resources like water and fossil fuels consumed in meat product production.  In an effort to move toward a healthier, more sustainable diet, we have decided to join the Meatless Monday movement here in A Mama’s Corner of the World.

What does this mean?  At least every Monday, we’ll be dining meatless here in our little corner of the world.  We’ll post our latest and greatest, favorite meatless recipes, favorite vegetarian or vegan restaurants or food reviews, or maybe a list of meatless recipes from around the web using a certain seasonal ingredient.  Some weeks, we’ll share interviews, tips, and tricks from vegan or vegetarian experts to help us along the way as we change our lifestyle one day at a time.

Beginning next week, we’ll also give readers the opportunity to share meatless recipes or similarly themed posts on our upcoming Meatless Meal Monday Link-Up.  It will be a great place to find and share healthy, meat-free, resources and recipe ideas!

Our first Meatless Monday themed post is an interview with holistic health and wellness expert and author, Koya Webb--coming up later today. So—we look forward to sharing our Meatless Monday adventures with you—and hope you will share yours with us, and our readers, as well!  

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  1. So delicious looking!
    We often eat meatless meals during the weekdays, or use only small amounts of meat for flavoring.

    I grew up in a large family, and we could not afford meat as a dish, we often flavored meals with hamburger, or bacon pieces (which we inexpensive). We ate lots of tuna.

    I like meat more for special occasions than for everyday. Even when we had little (growing up) we always had plenty for holiday meals.

    :) Hope



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