Tips and Resources for Going Meatless and Vegan: Interview with Koya Webb

We are kicking off our first Meatless Monday here in A Mama’s Corner of the World!  Like many other moms--I know that cutting meat and processed foods from my family’s diet is important--but, where do I begin?  Luckily, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with holistic health and wellness expert and author, Koya Webb, to talk about vegetarian and vegan lifestyles—and get us off in the right direction on our own, beginning meatless efforts.

A Mama’s Corner of the World (AMCOTW):  I think the biggest hurdle for moms seeking to adopt a vegan lifestyle is that it is such a big change from the mainstream that surrounds most of them.  Where do those moms start?  What should be the first step?  
Koya Webb:  The first step moms should take is reading the labels eliminating any choices that have preservatives and aren’t 100 percent natural. Kids love fruit baskets, so getting 4-5 different fruits and veggies per shopping trip and letting kids know “this carrot is great for your eyes” will really make the kids what to eat healthier.

AMCOTW:  The internet is loaded with information—and misinformation.  What are a few valid resources for moms seeking to educate themselves and their families on vegan lifestyles?
Koya Webb:  The Raw Food World has a book called Baby Greens that is very informative in raising green kids.  They also have a conscious parenting summit that is wonderful!

AMCOTW:  Could you debunk a few of the biggest vegan myths related to pregnant or nursing mothers?
Koya Webb:  Biggest myth is that the mother can eat whatever she wants “since it’s vegan’ and have a healthy baby. Vegan and Non-Vegan mothers should get blood tests done and make sure their breast milk is healthy enough for the child and should follow supplementation during the first 8 years if any signs or systems point to malnutrition (ie. Rotten teeth, inadequate growth or weight for age, etc)

AMCOTW:  With fall and winter holidays on the horizon, is this a “bad” time for families to attempt to change dietary habits?  
Koya Webb:  Fall and winter are actually great times to start adding in seasonal dishes that are vegan and raw vegan. Usually people are more open to sharing food during this time and the holidays are the best times to get feedback on your cooking skills. 

AMCOTW:  What are a few tips for those seeking to introduce vegan dishes during the holidays—whether at a family gathering or a holiday event?
Koya Webb:  Don’t tell them it’s vegan! Rename the dish or say “My version of…” so people don’t make assumptions whether they’ll like it or not before they taste it.  Let people know the benefits of the dish you’re making. Tell them you using organic ingredients because it really lets them know you care about their health.

AMCOTW:  Could you share a couple of suggestions for small changes that moms can make toward healthier, vegan diets even if they are not able to completely make the dietary change at the present?
Koya Webb:  Try to eat one BIG salad a day.  Make your own homemade dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, and your favorite berry. Keep a fruit basket in your car, office and home.

AMCOTW:  What do you find most rewarding regarding informing/educating others about a vegan lifestyle?
Koya Webb:  I enjoy giving people information that will increase their health and vitality.  Knowing that I have helped people around the world heal and live happier lives makes me feel good about my life.

AMCOTW:  If you could tell my readers only one thing about vegan living—what would you want to be sure that they know?
Koya Webb:  I think everyone should try it for themselves for 5-10 days and listen to their bodies. The best route is to focus on being better one day at a time and enjoying the journey.

About Koya Webb
Koya Webb is an internationally recognized holistic health and wellness expert, author, motivational speaker, and consultant who is helping revolutionize the vegan cuisine and holistic living landscape.  Koya is known as a “transformational specialist” when it comes to helping people reach their health goals. Her  life changing 5-10 day mind and body detox retreats, inspired fitness and nutrition plans, and her book her book titled "Koya's Kuisine: "Foods You Love That Love You Back!" help individuals make positive lifestyle changes that maximize their ability to lose weight, increase energy, reverse life-threatening conditions, and experience optimal health and vitality through a fit, active lifestyle. Koya is a highly regarded expert source and editorial contributor with the national media, having also been featured on the cover of numerous magazines, including, Vegan Health & Fitness, Max Sport and Fitness, and Muscle and Performance, among others.  Learn more online at

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