T.S. Graham Discusses The Chronicles of Trellah

We were fortunate enough here in A Mama's Corner of the World to have author T.S. Graham guest post about his young adult fantasy novel, The Chronicles of Trellah.  What did the author have to say about Chronicles of Trellah?

Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my YA fantasy novel, THE CHRONICLES OF TRELLAH. I’ve always enjoyed books that defy classification. As readers, we are programmed by retail outlets to search for new material via genre tags. Romance, mystery, horror, fantasy, and thriller are among the most heavily advertized genres today. This makes sense given that a direct marketing approach is simple and catchy, perfect for a mass audience that, on average, spends less than three seconds looking at a book blurb. If you don’t catch their attention fast, you’ve lost them forever. 

So what happens when a book doesn’t fit snugly into a genre box? How does the Indie author who wrote such a novel reach an audience that is preprogrammed to brush their book aside after nothing more than a cursory glance? That is the challenge I accepted with TRELLAH, and I know that many other authors face the same dilemma. It’s not easy being original in a landscape dominated by the familiar. 

Fourteen year-old Sophina Murray is forced to take action when her little brother is kidnapped by a monster straight from her worst nightmare. To find him, she must brave a parallel universe filled with alien cultures, horrific creatures, and a landscape akin to Middle Earth on steroids. Such a setup makes my story a fantasy, right? Perhaps, if it wasn’t for one not-so-minor detail: everything that lives and takes place in Trellah is bound by the laws of physics. This rule virtually never applies to fantasy and is a classic indicator of science fiction. Still, the plotline adheres to the tenets of a different genre altogether, with the twists, turns, and overriding “who-dun-it” themes that scream mystery from start to finish. The non-stop action that unfolds the moment our heroine steps foot in Trellah will have you thinking thriller all the way. Sophina’s discovery early on that a watcher, an evil spirit hell-bent on snuffing out her life-force, has followed her every move since birth will leave no doubt that my tale is of the paranormal ilk. And the fact that her watcher can materialize in a very real and dangerous way in the land of Trellah will leave you gripping the couch cushions in fear, i.e.: horror. 

I market THE CHRONICLES OF TRELLAH as a fantasy because I have to. The genre that best suits my story is up to you, the reader. If you have trouble deciding, then I’ve done my job well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my book a chance! 

T.S. Graham

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