5 Tofu Recipes that We Love for Meatless Monday

These days, my kids and husband rarely notice when I substitute tofu for meat in a main dish. I sub in tofu and meat alternatives with slightly modified spices into my family favorite recipes--and everyone is happier and healthier. I thought that I would share a few of our favorite tofu recipes for Meatless Monday as my letter T entry in the month’s A to Z Blogging Challenge. You may not miss the meat either!

These were a HUGE hit at our annual New Year’s Eve bash. We typically serve a unique appetizer every hour from around 4 pm until midnight--and the usual chicken and bacon in these buffalo stuffed mushrooms wasn’t missed much when we switched both with spicy tofu and chopped vegetables. In fact, my husband loved these so much that he requested that I try subbing tofu for chicken in my usual buffalo chicken dip that everyone loves at other holiday buffets! 

This is one of our site’s most popular recipes this year! It is SO easy to prepare--and the tofu just simply soaks up all of the yummy spices that we usually associate with beef or turkey burritos. This is an absolute favorite--I even sub in tofu for visiting children and dinner guests--and these burritos are gobbled up every time without hesitation.

Again--the tofu takes on all of the characteristics of meat--but, is so much healthier. I love to serve this chili over whole grain pasta or spaghetti for the girls--it’s always a hit and I know that it is so much healthier than their favorite restaurant chili spaghetti--or even my mom’s hamburger version.

Okay--I will admit that I can detect tofu in even a professionally prepared recipe. I am a meat eater--and I can admit it. But, this casserole completely leaves me speechless. I LOVE it. It’s filling--and is probably one of my favorite Meatless Monday dishes (aside from stuffed shells). I could eat this every day--with random vegetables all year long. Love it!

I love any stuffed shell--with tofu or not--but, there is just something about these roll-ups that kicks up the recipe a notch and grabs attention. This is one of my go-to recipes when asked to prepare a meatless potluck dish.

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