Author Lola James Discusses her Spellbound Series and Bound to You

We were fortunate enough here in A Mama's Corner of the World to have author Lola James sit down for an interview with us as a part of the blog tour for her latest book, Bound to You, from the Spellbound series.  We love it when we are able to learn more about our favorite authors--in the author's own words!   

AMCOTW:  What was your inspiration for the Spellbound Series?  When did you begin writing it? When did you begin Book 3? 

Lola James:  The Spellbound series came to me randomly. I was on a writing break from another book and I was looking for something to read with some Greek gods, I couldn’t find any so I wrote one. I started Bound to Remember in August 2011 and was finished at the end of the month. Book three I started in October of 2012 and wasn’t happy with it so I re-wrote until it was perfect… to me anyway. 

AMCOTW:  Tell us about the cover art for Bound to You.  Who designed it? Why did you choose it? 

Lola James:  Stephanie at Once Upon a Time Covers made it for me. I design all of my covers. Every book cover of the Spellbound Series is a scene from the book and Bound to You is the first scene in chapter one.

AMCOTW:  Who is your favorite character from your book and why? 

Lola James:  I absolutely LOVE Dawn. I sometimes wish that I was a southern belle and I get to live my fantasy through Dawn. I love her. She is sassy and she doesn’t take any mess from anyone. But she is still a lady at the end of the day.

AMCOTW:  Who is your least favorite character from Bound to You and why?

Lola James:  Persephone that was an easy one, she is the villain of the series and she is relentless. Her tactics make you hate her but that’s why I wrote her that way. She is the ultimate mean girl.

AMCOTW:  Which character, if any, are most like you in Bound to You?

Lola James:  Dawn, I mean minus being a doctor, witch, and a pageant princess. LOL I put a lot of my no nonsense attitude into her.

AMCOTW:  What is something interesting about the Spellbound Series (or this book) that your readers and ours would like to know?

Lola James:  The Greek god Hades will shock you in my books… in a good way. It might be the only time you’ll ever root for the bad guy.

AMCOTW:   Tell us a little about Lola James when she is away from writing.  What hobbies, talents, and adventures are we most likely to find you involved in when not writing?

Lola James:  Well I love to skate (like four wheel skate), I bowl, I read more than I write as of late, I LOVE to travel, I bake sweets, I’m active with yoga, and I play the piano.

AMCOTW: How can readers contact you or find out more about your books? 

Lola James:  Facebook is preferred

AMCOTW:  What can your readers expect from you in the future?  What projects are you working on?

Lola James:  I am wrapping up the second book in another series, Defying Fate. I am writing my first Mystery and Contemporary romance both I plan on getting out this year sometime. 

AMCOTW:  What is most rewarding about your role as an author--and as the author of Bound to You?

Lola James:  Having people tell me how much they love my books and telling me to never stop writing! That helps me on days I lack self-confidence. It is rewarding to know that my story made someone’s day

To learn more about the author and her book series, Follow the Tour! Disclosure: We participate in Promotional Book Tours and occasionally receive complimentary copies of books for use in reviews and for background information in interviews and related posts. All opinions are our own and are not influenced by the author or the publishing group.

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