Unique Wedding Cake Ideas: 5 Upside Down Wedding Cakes that we Love

Upside Down Wedding Cakes by
Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life—and brides put a lot of effort into ensuring that every detail is planned to the letter.    Cake decorators are artists, engineers, culinary masters, and magicians all rolled into one key wedding player.  We do not have any weddings in our future—but, I do a lot of writing on the subject and have just fallen in love with the concept of Upside Down Wedding Cakes.  We thought we would share our favorite unique, upside down wedding cake designs from around the web.  This is also used as our letter U entry in the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  U is for Upside Down Wedding Cakes.

This Upside Down Chandelier Cake by Special Cakes by Ruben is absolutely unbelievable!  

This one may be a little large for some wedding budgets and spaces—but, it is one of the most awesome upside down wedding cakes we have discovered.

This Upside Down Wedding Cake Trilogy by Positively Provence offers a truly gorgeous display of talent and design genius. 

 These three suspended wedding cakes hang chandelier style—and are simply amazing.

This Multiple Tiered Upside Down Wedding Cake from Dutch OvenBakery is one of many that they feature in their cake gallery.  

We think is simple yet elegant (and unique) enough to be one of our favorites.  

It literally turns the traditional wedding cake upside down with uniquely shaped tiers—and my favorite color combination.

This upside down wedding cake created by Grand Cakes is slightly more traditional than some of our other favorites.

—but, we think it’s wonderful for those seeking to add a memorable twist to the beauty and elegance of an already amazing cake.

Hmm.....we love to look at these we just need to do a little research on proper cake cutting!  

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