Kroger Brand Product Reviews: Quick and Easy Spring Dinner


I recently received the opportunity to review create an entire Spring meal menu from Kroger store brand products. As most of your know already, I am a frequent Kroger grocery store shopper and use many Kroger store brand products in my recipes and kitchen adventures. This was a fun menu to put together with complimentary product coupons from Kroger and BzzAgent--and, as usual, the meal was a success. Let me share a quick and easy Spring Dinner menu, loaded with Kroger store brand products, and link this up to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge as my entry for letter K. K is for Kroger--and a quick, easy to prepare, flavorful Spring meal--at store brand prices. 
The Kroger brand spring meal menu was easy to plan. I received coupons for a Kroger brand pork loin, a Kroger brand refrigerated mashed potatoes, Kroger store brand crescent rolls, a Kroger brand cake mix and a Kroger brand frosting. I opted to add a package of Kroger brand frozen spinach--and a few additional store brand ingredients to create a Greek Stuffed Pork Loin chops, and a bag of Fresh Selection, store brand salad mix to balance out the meal. The menu was set--Greek stuffed pork loin, mashed potatoes, tossed salad, crescent rolls and a Thunder Cake.

How did our Kroger store brand meal taste? I use a lot of Kroger store brand products every day because I prefer the quality (and price) over other similar brands. The salad mix was used on the same day it was purchased—and tossed with Kroger brand, Greek salad dressing. The pork loin was fresh, tender, and lean—and turned out perfectly in our recipe. The mashed potatoes baked in the microwave while the pork loin broiled and offered a quick and easy side dish with little effort.

We brushed the baked crescent rolls with melted butter and garlic and they turned out delicious. We decided to turn the Devil’s Food cake into a Thunder cake—and it was a success.

Would we recommend Kroger store brand products for a complete meal? Kroger store brand products are flavorful and priced competitively. I think they are a wonderful alternative to pricey, brand name products and I do not hesitate to serve Kroger brand products or include them in my recipes. I would certainly recommend that you try Kroger store brand products.

Disclosure:  I received coupons for complimentary items from Kroger and BzzAgent for use in this post--but, the opinions are my own.

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