Learn More about GMO’s and your Family’s Health: Genetic Roulette

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Are you playing a risky game of genetic roulette with your health and that of your family?  We protect our children from as many risks as possible in life—why aren’t we doing more to battle GMO’s in our food supply?  Perhaps we assume that our food supply is safe from dangers—after all, this is the United States and we have serious, health and safety regulations, right?  Even if you believe that you are well versed in the subject of Genetically Modified Organisms and food safety in our food supply—you owe it to yourself and your family to check out this eye opening video, Genetic Roulette, from director Jeffrey Smith. 

Why the fuss about GMO’s?  Watch Genetic Roulette and you may just have not only a better understanding of the health and safety risks of GMO’s and non-organic farming practices—but, you may find yourself outraged that you were never permitted to make an informed choice about such products and practices.  I have a background in environmental engineering and health and safety.  While, I understood the terms and the scientific implications of GMO’s and food production, I generally viewed the environmental, health and safety factors from a business standpoint rather than that of a consumer.  


Most everyone consumes these products—so they must be okay.

If there were risks, we would know it.

I am not sure if I’m more disappointed in myself or the scientific community for promoting such assumptions.

If GMO’s are unsafe—why aren’t there warning labels on products?  I think that’s the proverbial million dollar question!  Would you change your habits if you knew that they were risky?  Some consumers could honestly care less—but, I think many of us would look more closely if we were more informed about the origins of our food and associated risks.  I know that, over the past several months, I began to look more closely at products and ingredients—even when buying locally.   

While you wonder why product labeling meets such opposition from industry, lobbyists and our lobbied government officials, consider also the recent Agriculture Appropriations Bill.  The bill slipped through Congress, containing a proposition protecting biotechnologymanufacturers of genetically modified seeds from health related litigation.   This implies, to me anyway, that we know that the risks are large enough-and valid enough—to create viable, future lawsuits.  And, instead of protecting consumers, it seems that our government opted to protect the businesses.  

What else have we consumers been missing for past several decades?

Even If you feel like you have been beaten over the head by the media discussing GMO’s in the past couple of years—I would encourage you to take the time to check out Genetic Roulette.  Maybe you will continue to purchase items as usual—but, at least, give yourself the opportunity to learn more about our food supply and your family’s health.

Disclosure:  I received access to this video via fellow blogger and mom, Leah Segedie from Mamavation.  I was not compensated in any way for this post—just wanted to share my personal, eye opening experience and encourage readers to learn more about GMO’s and the Genetic Roulette that we may be playing with our health and that of our future generations.  Most of the products that I have reviewed on this site likely contain GMO’s or unhealthy chemicals—and this concerns me.  It also saddens me that these items are so common in almost every home.  

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